A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 1 - Page 27

E F A S teampunk G uide to H unting M onsters V olume T hree A S teampunk G uide to H unting M onsters V olume F our The danger escalates! Our heroine, Philomena Dash- wood, is separated from the monster hunting tour when she is kidnapped by slavers in the wild west and sold to a bridge troll. She must use her wits to outsmart the beast so that she can return to her traveling compan- ions. One adventure blends into another, and soon she must fend off an attack of aquatic arachnids, unravel the tragic history of the ghost of a Geisha, and enter the frightening monster prison of the world-famous monster hunter Lu Yan where the tour is stalked by a Werewolf that wanders within! If this wasn’t enough, Philomena must learn to grow in her personal relations too, helping Brunhilde deal with her demonic husband and becoming more accustomed to the friendship of the ever-present Percy. All comes to a head in this exciting finale! Things take a turn for the worse when every monster in Lu Yan’s prison is unleashed, but is it too late for Philomena to finally accept her growing feelings for Percy? As the tour finally heads home, she encounters the most elusive of all monsters upon hearing the yowl of the Yeti. When a sea monster from fathoms below Venice threatens to destroy the city, Philomena must find a mate for the monster, and perhaps one for herself as well. Finally, Philomena joins Percy as they contend with a Vampire who has declared his own private war on our brave heroes. This final volume brings Philome- na’s journey to a satisfying close in this hilarious and action-packed ending. Each volume compiles chapters from the free online serial version! CLICK ON THE COVERS TO BUY A PRINT COPY! Collect all four volumes to read the full story of Miss Philomena Dashwood and her adventures in A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters.