A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 1 | Page 26

all four volumes of A S teampunk G uide to H unting M onsters are now available in print! H CLICK COVER TO BUY! H A S teampunk G uide to H unting M onsters V olume O ne A S teampunk G uide to H unting M onsters V olume T wo The hunt is on! The beautiful and oblivious Philomena Dashwood joins a world-wide Monster Hunting Tour in hopes of finding adventure. However, she refuses to give up any of her finery or opinions. After a seance gone wrong, the angry ghost of Esme Gorey attacks, and Dashwood comes to the rescue, but one adventure leads into the next, and soon Philomena Dashwood is rushing off to save the missing village children from a witch in the wilderness. The thrills continue when she faces off with a cursed mechanical mummy, and later is whisked away into the sky by a mystical Genie. Along with her new friends, Brunhilde Bamfield and Percy Longville, Philomena Dashwood embarks on an epic odyssey through the realms of fairy tales and monsters. The adventure continues! Philomena Dashwood en- counters a series of dangerous shipwrecks, monsters, and threats to her woolen skirts, but perhaps the most terrifying adventure of all is that she must contend with her throng of admiring suitors. If that wasn’t bad enough, Dashwood must deal with a revolt of automatons aboard an airship, face the horror of a zombie attack aboard a locomotive of the living dead, encounter pirates who have unwittingly unleashed a blob, infiltrate an insane asylum to save the life of her friend Percy, and prevent the Were-beast of the Wild West from destroying a small American town.