A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 1 - Page 15

L re y v E y y ! y ad The most discerning novice begins with catching ghosts in bottles. There are a wide variety of ghosts and spectres in the world. These spirits refuse to pass on after death due to some unfinished business, and always with ill intent. A ghost will haunt any number of places or locales, and, thanks to modern occult technology, if a lady finds one in her home or workplace, she can now catch the irritating spectres in either the finest ghost glass, or cheaper ghost bottles if she is short on money. It's always best to get a bottle with an automatic ghost summoner built into the neck, like a cork, for a lady can become quite querulous at having to uncork a bottle, recite an incantation and re-cork a bottle while a demented apparition is thrusting a headless baby at her. USE AND KEEPS GHOSTS CAPTIVE IN PERPETUITY!