A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 1 | Page 16

E THE ADVENT E OF Adventure Thursday, April the Twenty-Second I am in receipt of a most interesting correspondence. At first I thought it merely a bill from J.W. Wells for the ghost bottle and broken wares. Such the envelope did contain, but there was also a letter requesting that I not divulge to the Press any Terrors I might have experienced during the events of last night, because his sorcery establishment is a 'family' sorcery establishment. In recompense, he offers me a discounted ticket to his Highly Exclusive Astonishing Annual Monster Hunting Tour. This world trip will take its participants to exotic locales by airship, where t hey will hunt the finest monsters, including (but not limited to): Werewolves, Mummies, Ghosts, and even the Elusive Yeti. The tour also promises an exclusive viewing of the Genii of the Lamp, famously recovered by the renowned Abdullah-Al-Khāfid in the Middle East, as well as a visit to the famous Chinese Monster Hunter, Lu Yan. It all sounds very exciting, but I have heard this Highly Exclusive Annual Monster Safari frequently mentioned by Perdina Meeks in the most glowing terms. It was in my mind to simply shred the ticket before Uncle saw it, but that opportunity was ruined when Aunt came upon me unexpectedly. From a woman who wears an excess of taffeta, you would suppose I would have heard more warning of her arrival! And then, it was as I feared. Uncle does not keep his fortune—when so many others are being lost—by disregarding discounts. I must begin packing. The airship leaves for France in a few mere weeks, and that is hardly time enough for everything that must be made ready. Should I take my blue faille ball gown or the white satin one? How many hats shall I require? Do they sell white gloves in exotic locales, or must I bring enough for the entire trip? I would inquire of Perdina, but my soul quite quails at the thought! Monday, May the Tenth Well, here I am. My first night aboard the J.W. Wells & Co. Airship! I have my own berth on this Monster-Hunting Tour around the world, which suits me well! Aunt and Uncle joined me up until the departure gate. I have often been on a public dirigible and even traveled to the seaside on a commuter airship, but nothing compares to this! It is simply opulent! And I daresay it looks like some inverted Russian tower! Dear Aunt is so certain I shall meet a man of good fortune while on my adventure, as most monster hunters are very rich, and she believes that this is the sole reason for my interest in the journey. I would much rather return in possession of a werewolf pelt to hang in my parlor, and I told her so. Our party is small, only ten people or so, and the excitement of viewing live monsters in the wild is certainly worth the trip—one hopes. It seems that while our group has rented all the berths, there are also commuters and passengers headed to various destinations aboard the ship as well.