A Living water success story Coquiama is a small community of 270 people that has been experiencing a dangerous water problem. Lack of access to clean water for the past two years occurs because the hand-dug well - the main source of drinking water - contains bacteria that have been making the people unwell. Via Luis Hernandez, a local pastor who works with a ministry called Living Water In- ternational in El Salvador, the Logos Hope's team visited the people of Coquiama and through this partnership, crew members shared both practical help and eternal hope with them. With the donation of two water purifier systems the team was able to show the community how to use the water purifier system, which if properly main- tained could last up to ten years and in their case eliminate almost 99% of contamination in the wa- ter. One of the community’s leaders, José Ulises Fuentes expressed his thankfulness for the volunteers’ visit and donation. Before they left, Luis explained that the community had no hope of having access to clean water, but now with the purifiers and message shared, the team had brought hope back to Coquiama (Story from LOGOS HOPE)