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�� Immediately after cutting and fitting ( before hanging ), seal all cut surfaces and ends of door with an effective quality sealer . See exterior and interior finishing recommendation for complete instructions . �� Prior to exterior exposure , doors should be finished with complete finish system . �� When hanging door , allow adequate clearance for swelling of door or frame in damp weather . Allow approximately 3 ⁄ 16 ” clearance for swelling when the door is installed in fully dry conditions . Jambs must be plumb .
�� Do not cut doors down in height by more than 2-9 ⁄ 16 ” ( 13 ⁄ 16 ” maximum from top , 1-3 ⁄ 4 ” from the bottom ). Care should be taken in cutting doors down in width ( maximum 1 ⁄ 8 ” each side ) to avoid exposing engineered core . Use sharp fine tooth saw for trimming ends of doors .
�� Caution must be used to avoid impairing the strength of the door when fitting for locks . Allow at least 1 ” of wood back of mortise .
�� Use three hinges on doors up to 7 ’ in height and four hinges on doors over 7 ’. Hinges must be set in a straight line to prevent distortion . �� Jambs and stops must be set square and plumb . �� For best performance , any exterior door should be installed under an overhang equal to the height of the door . �� To minimize heat loss and save energy , use weatherstripping .
Do not use metal objects , ( razor blades etc .) to remove caulking compound or paint and varnish residue , it is known to scratch the tempered glass . Please do not use compressed air to blow off wood doors , as condensation in the air lines may cause irregular finishing results .


�� Do not walk on any door units . Some units contain glass . �� Avoid leaving unfinished doors in direct sunlight . Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will discolor the wood and bake on the plastic film which protects the glass during the finishing process . �� Avoid dragging doors across one another . �� Keep doors clean . �� Store doors flat on a level surface in a dry , well ventilated interior space . �� Doors should be conditioned to average prevailing relative humidity of the locality before hanging . This generally takes 48 to 72 hours . �� Doors should be delivered to the building site only after the concrete , plaster , stucco , sheet rock work and paint are completely dry . �� Doors should not be subject to abnormal heat , dryness or humidity for prolonged periods . Avoid sudden changes such as forced heat to dry out a building . �� Doors must be finished immediately upon delivery to the job site . �� If the doors are to be stored on the job site , the entire door including top and bottom edges must be sealed with a clear or pigmented based sealer to prevent moisture absorption . All six sides of the door must be properly sealed for warranty to apply .
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