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Woodgrain Doors cannot evaluate all the available paints and stains , nor customers ’ specific application requirements .
Your paint dealer should know of suitable finish systems that give satisfactory results in your region . It is highly recommended that top quality finishes be selected , and the application instructions on the container be followed explicitly .
Please do not use metal objects , ( razor blades etc .) to remove caulking compound or paint and varnish residue . It is known to scratch the tempered glass . Please do not use compressed air to blow off wood doors , as condensation in the air lines may cause irregular finishing results .
Plastic film protection on the glass should be removed immediately after applying the finish . Failure to remove the plastic film at this time may cause harm to the glass and may create difficulty in removing the film . Use caution to avoid scratching the glass while cleaning it . Glass that is scratched due to cleaning is not covered by the warranty .
DO :
�� Clean glass when dirt and residue appear �� Exercise special care when cleaning coated glass surfaces �� Avoid cleaning tinted and coated glass surfaces in direct sunlight �� Start cleaning at the upper level of a building and continue to lower levels �� Soak the glass surface with clean water and soap solution to loosen dirt and debris �� Use a mild , non-abrasive commercial window cleaning solution �� Use a squeegee to remove all of the cleaning solution �� Dry all cleaning solution from window gaskets , sealants and frame �� Be aware of and follow the glass supplier ’ s specific cleaning recommendations �� Prevent conditions that can damage the glass
DON ’ T :
�� Don ’ t use scrapers of any size or type for cleaning glass �� Don ’ t allow dirt and residue to remain on glass for an extended period of time �� Don ’ t begin cleaning glass without knowing if a coated surface is exposed �� Don ’ t clean tinted or coated glass in direct sunlight �� Don ’ t allow water or cleaning residue to remain on the glass or adjacent materials �� Don ’ t begin cleaning without rinsing excessive dirt and debris �� Don ’ t use abrasive cleaning solutions or materials �� Don ’ t allow metal parts of cleaning equipment to contact the glass �� Don ’ t trap abrasive particles between the cleaning materials and the glass surface �� Don ’ t allow other trades to lean tools or materials against the glass surface �� Don ’ t allow splashed materials to dry on the glass surface
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