33 Years @ CTSS Issue #1 | Page 28

DONAVAN CHEAH Class 4D1 (2007) OUSTING THE OUTCAST IN ME Shunned and ostracised at first because of his Autism, one boy finally fought against all odds to earn acceptance and respect from his schoolmates. As someone who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, I thought, at first, it would be very difficult to assimilate into Clementi Town Secondary School (CTSS). In fact, I could not even study the subject, Design & Technology at Secondary One because of my temper outbursts. However, that was far from the end of the road. With determination, I gradually found success in CTSS, thanks to its supportive staff and conducive environment. I also grew to realise that how I want to steer myself really depends on myself. In CTSS, I finally saw the light and found the inspiration to change for the better. CTSS has always been more than just an educational institution to me. It has helped me to develop many lifeskills through effective programmes such as the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and its strong Uniformed Group background. Moreover, the opportunities available in CTSS helped develop within me a diverse range of talents and shaped me into an all-rounded individual. CTSS has helped me to channel my energy into productive activities. In Secondary 2, my Mathematics teacher and I came up with a Mathematics peer tutoring network within the cohort. It not only allowed the cohort to come together to learn Mathematics, but also unified the Secondary Two students, since there existed a robust way of gathering our peers together to share their knowledge. The strengths of the Uniformed Groups also helped groom my character. Through the Griffin Scout Troop, I have learnt to become a more disciplined and organised person. It is through weathering thick and thin with our peers that we bond together as a family. CTSS has groomed someone who has encountered great difficulty socialising and making new friends to become a person who is now a more effective team player. As the school celebrates its 33rd anniversary, I hope all past and present Clementeens will always remember our roots and all the school has taught us. After graduating from CTSS, Donovan proceeded to study in Anglo-Chinese Junior College where he attained 5 distinctions with a merit in H3 Physics for his GCE A-Level. He is currently pursuing Physics at the National University of Singapore and has won the Kent Ridge Undergraduate Scholarship Merit Award every year since 2011. 026 Our Time: Once A Clementeen, Always A Clementeen