2023 Macro Trends to Watch - Page 3


Consumers today are more mindful of what they are putting in their bodies and taking more control of their health , curating their food and beverage choices for long-term success and results . While mindfulness is on the rise , consumers are taking a more personalized approach to restrictive diets . Instead of following a specific lifestyle to the fullest , consumers are favoring key components such as :
• low carb versus full keto
• evolving paleo to be more inclusive of ingredients instead of forbidding
• consuming low to no sugar
• consciously adding more plant-based options into their meals
• accepting a flexitarian diet that is adding in food groups rather than taking some away
Additionally , in recent years , consumers have begun to dabble in sober curious choices by partaking in an alcohol-free lifestyle .

41 %

Of consumers are choosing to drink a low or no alcohol drink to be healthier , according to Mintel