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31 %

Of Gen Z sticks to the food they like , with a far more significant percentage seeking options that offer them escapism and balance . Cuisines that take them from Africa to Asia , even right there in their own homes .


Consumers are looking for cuisines that provide balance and escapism , for example offering the pleasures of traveling the world without leaving the comfort of one ’ s home . African and Asian flavors are among the top 5 flavors of interests to young consumers aged 11-25 . However , social media holds a strong influence among all generations seeking a culinary community and recipe experimentation . In fact , 52 % of U . S . social media users follow a lifestyle influencer as they play the role of educator guiding purchasing decisions .
Consider catering to consumers who are searching for experience in extreme ends of flavor , the joy of nostalgic foods , and adventures of global cuisines while creating something worth sharing on social , or better yet , to share in person with those we love .