2022 May Newsletter | Page 11

May Finance Update Through the first three months of the year , the club is on track with the 2022 budget . Last fall the board took a realistic budget approach , knowing that we will not reach profitability in one year – it will take two years . A loss is budgeted for 2022 and the related budget goals will set us for a break-even year in 2023 .
Through March , revenue indicators are headed in the right direction , based on those budget goals :
Increase golf rates for public play and improve course conditions to justify . 2022 revenue is 12 % higher than last year .
Increase dining through consistent , good food and solid service . Also increase dining minimums that include alcohol .
Revenue is 40 % higher than F & B last year .
Increased member dues 8 % in March . Add new memberships all year long .
Revenue is 2 % higher than 2021 . Expected to be 10 % by end of year .
Thanks for your support on the golf course and in tournaments at the club . Send your feedback to Jake and Scott to keep our golf improvements on track . Thanks for your patronage at the Tri-Brook dining room , on the patio , and for take-out meals . Please send feedback to Preston so he can continue improving our dining experience . Lastly , thank you for new member referrals to Deborah . With a little effort from each of us , the club finances will be back on track by 2023 .
Look forward to seeing you at the club , By :

Natalie Garvis

Finance Committee Chair