2022 March Newsletter | Page 13

February Golf Committee Meeting Summary The Golf Committee was given a tour of the new putting mat , hitting bay and simulator installed in the basement at the club . It is now fully functioning and available to members . There will be a signup sheet available in the pro shop for those desiring to use the facility . Ceiling height restrictions are in place so be sure to check with Scott before signing up .
Scott provided new wording on club policy for outside charity events / outings . For events wherein a club member with a cart plan is playing , the charity / organization will receive a $ 20 credit per member if they use our food services . Organizations using an outside catering service will not be eligible for this credit . The credit will be $ 10 per member with cart plan if the event is played on Tuesday - Thursday . Fees charged for outings will increase to $ 50 per person for Friday events and $ 35 per person for weekday events .
Jake reported that the new yardage markers have been received and will be installed prior to opening of season this month . LGCC members only may now walk and play golf on Monday afternoon at 2 pm following completion of maintenance work by the golf crew .
Neal Lineberry provided an overview of Major Event Weekend plans . Neal and David Miller will shepherd the Member-Guest tournament . James Owens and Rocky Trudgeon will head up the Member-Member events . Special events are planned for Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends . Neal and James will organize Memorial Day events . News of these events will be published to boost participation .
By :

Hal Hill

Chairman , Golf Committee