2022 March Newsletter | Page 12

The winter months are a time to spend more of our time indoors at the club . We hope you are taking advantage of the great , consistent food in the Tri-Brook and spending your money there during our slow months . Slow means there is not much to report financially . The year-to-date finances will be in the newsletter again in another month or so to keep you informed and updated .
• Drop a check in the members payment box in the wall next to the Club Office door
• Give a check or credit card to the Pro Shop
Call the club or write to Susan Delfert at sdelfert @ lexingtongolfandcountryclub . com if you have any questions .
Our financial goals for the year remain the same with a 3-prong approach to increase : 1 . Golf revenue through higher public rates 2 . Food & beverage revenue with encouragement through increased dining minimums and the Pool Gate Café
3 . Dues revenues that you will see on April 1 and new memberships . We already have five new members in 2022 ! If you have new membership prospects , share their names with Deborah Goglia , our Sales & Marketing Manager at dgoglia @ lexingtongolfandcountryclub . com
Paying your bill each month is also important . Below are updates and quotes from members on how they make payments . Did you know of all the available options to easily make a payment on your account ?
• Mail a check OR even easier ….
• Pay online through the members-only portal on LGCC website , which gives you immediate credit on your account ( especially on the last day of the month ).
Some members prepay the year with their tax refund . “ It ’ s nice to see a credit balance for most months of the year ”. Other members make equal automatic bank payments each month to help manage a budget . At least one member pays ahead each month , so she doesn ’ t have to pay a bill in November and December . “ I like to have extra cash around the Christmas holidays ”.
Remember that details of charges to your account can be viewed in the members-only section of the LGCC website . This is a good way to verify charges or monitor your kids ( or spouses ) charges at the pool ( bar ).
If you prefer to receive only electronic statements ( and save on some postage ) please send a note to our office manager , Susan Delfert .
By :

Natalie Garvis

Finance Committee Chair