2022 June Newsletter | Page 7

The following is a summary of the May Golf Committee meeting notes : Items marked with an * will need board of directors approval .
1 . Herb Rubenstein has been working with the YMCA to set up a PGA Junior League at LGCC this summer . It is designed to encourage disadvantaged kids to become engaged with golf . The PGA and the YMCA provide the transportation , fees , etc . for the children , and we provide the facilities . The program would be slated to last six weeks , beginning in early August . The program would be net positive revenue for the club . Scott Frasier has further information and details .
2 . Jake Valentino has asked that we consider eliminating one set of tee markers , as many of our holes have only three teeing areas , and those with double tees receive too much damage to adequately recover during the season . The members opposed this idea , noting that it would most likely cause a lot of push-back and some confusion among the golfing members . We asked him to consider keeping all four sets , but only use one of each color where double tees are located , ie . place one gold marker and one red marker at the same position on the tee box . Things will remain as the are for the present and this will be revisited later in the season .
3 . Hole-In-One Club - The criteria for handling the hole-in-one funds was discussed and revised as follows : Membership in the HIO plan is voluntary , and those interested should sign up in the pro shop . The initial billing for the group will be $ 10 to join . Members will receive a bar credit of up to $ 200 max , plus have their name and HIO info added to a plaque in the pro shop . A personal plaque will be offered , to be paid for by the golfer . Funds will be replenished by billing all members another $ 5 with each HIO carded , when the fund drops below $ 500 .
4 . Yardage Markers - Jake has new barber pole markers that will be installed next Monday on the course . He also confirmed that the rough mowers are now back in operation .
5 . Scott asked that they be allowed to switch the starting hole to # 10 ( reverse the two nines ) to aid the staff in monitoring the flow of play . This idea was not considered feasible , due to the course layout and push-back that would result in such a change .
6 . We again considered a 9-hole rate for non-member golfers . Tim B . noted that every course he has managed or played has had a 9-hole rate . We would like to propose the board reconsider their position and adopt the $ 45 rate originally proposed by the Golf committee .
7 . Water on the course - Jake confirmed that the water coolers will be placed back on the course in the near future .
Thank you for your service to the club . Please let me know if you have any questions or corrections . By :

Hal Hill

Chairman , Golf Committee