2022 June Newsletter | Page 6


The Superintendent ’ s Cut

The LGCC maintenance team has been hard at work the past few weeks . The weather can be characterized as being “ grass growing season ,” as many of you can attest to . The team has been diligently working on keeping up with the rough mowing and are completing the property wide mowing each week , barring any rain events .
The LGCC maintenance team has welcomed two new employees the past few weeks and they have both been working hard on pulling and cleaning the weeds in the bunkers and trimming around the creeks , trees and posts around the property . These are some of the key areas of detail which the course has been lacking thus far into the season . We are ecstatic that they are part of the team and will be working soon on further training in order to assist on the various other machines and equipment here at the club .
The LGCC team ’ s focus has been shifted the past week in order to prepare for both the Ladies Member / Member and Men ’ s Member / Guest events which will be held later this month . The team looks forward towards the membership ’ s participation and hope to bring the property to peak playability .
The yardage markers have been placed in the rough . These black and white posts represent the 150-yard marker to the center of each green . Fairway markers to represent the 100- yard marker have been ordered and will be implemented as soon as they are received . These markers will be placed in the ground at the center of each fairway .
A combination fertilizer and herbicide product was applied early this month and will help green up and promote growth while also limiting both crab and goosegrass , which has been problematic in years past . The LGCC maintenance team is also planning on verticutting and topdressing the greens this month to help increase green speed . Rolling of the greens will be increased in order to aide the green speed as well in order to prepare for the upcoming tournament schedule over the next few months .
If there are any questions or concerns regarding the course , please do not hesitate to stop me when you see me around the property and ask . And as always , we are continuing to work hard in order to provide you , the members , with the best possible playing conditions in the Valley !
By :

Jake Valintino

Superintendent & Interim General Manager