2022 February Newsletter | Page 13

COURSE UPDATE : The team has several projects planned for the Winter months , some of which you may have noticed over the past month . The team has been diligently working on removing trees and limbs which are in play . This project will take the most amount of effort and time but should result in a much cleaner aesthetic from the golfer ’ s viewpoint . The team has also uncovered and cleaned around all the sprinkler heads on the course , this helps the irrigation system run more effectively during the season . The team is also repairing heads and leaks around the property , most notably the putting green , # 12 fairway and # 15 fairway . The team will also be working on removing and replacing the yardage markers located on the fairways to a more golfer friendly yardage system .
As the Winter “ golf rules ” apply here during the colder season the maintenance team will be removing and combining some of the teeson the course to maximize the teeing surface available . With the tees being warm season zoysia and dormant this time of year it is imperative that this be done . Therefore , beginning in January tees with the same yardage indicated on the scorecard will be combined . As an example , the tenth tee will have a combined tee consisting of the Red and Yellow markers as indicated with the same yardage measured for the hole .
If there are any questions or concerns regarding the course , please don ’ t hesitate to stop me when you see me around the property and ask . And as always , we are continuing to work hard in order to provide you , the members , with the best possible playing conditions in the Valley !
By :

The Maintenance Team