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Fetal imaging and diagnostic procedures

Accurate diagnosis is the first step in a complete care plan . Over the last decade , our team of maternal fetal specialists and pediatric surgeons has worked relentlessly to improve detection and treatment of fetal conditions , and our imaging services have grown exponentially . Today , we offer virtually every fetal diagnostic test and treatment available :

6 Fetal MRI imaging experts

Fetal ultrasound
Uses soundwaves to produce detailed images of the baby . With advanced ultrasound equipment and experienced providers and sonographers , we leverage fetal ultrasound techniques to do what few centers in the country can do : accurately diagnose complex fetal anomalies .
Fetal echocardiogram
An echo provides early , accurate diagnosis of fetal heart conditions that can lead to faster and better treatment after birth . These steps can improve the chance of survival and outcomes for infants with severe heart defects . Our team of fetal cardiologists and cardiac sonographers have extensive training in complex congenital heart defects and heart rhythm abnormalities , as well as the state-of-the-art equipment we use to obtain the most detailed possible images .
Fetal MRI
Our Fetal MRI program is a key component of our multidisciplinary approach to patient care , providing scans for pregnant mothers during the most critical times of their pregnancy . The MRIs take place in a wide-board scanner , creating a more comfortable experience . These scans are performed without anesthesia or contrast to minimize risk to the unborn baby . And once the baby is born , our radiology team continues to provide the highest quality imaging across the span of care .


Total ultrasounds performed in 2020


Total fetal echos performed in 2020
Diagnostic procedures
We have the capability to perform any available diagnostic procedure , including genetic amniocentesis , chorionic villus sampling and fetal blood sampling .

290 Total fetal MRIs in 2020

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