2020 Colorado Fetal Care Center 2020 | Page 7

Fetal treatment and surgery
Multidisciplinary approach to treating fetal conditions or complications that develop during pregnancy
Labor and Delivery Unit
One of just a few freestanding children ’ s hospitals with a dedicated labor and delivery unit , so mom and baby can be under one roof
Level IV Neonatal ICU
Only institution in the 10-state area ranked in Neonatal Care by U . S . News & World Report , offering the highest level of care to over 2,000 newborns per year
Dedicated neonatal nurse practitioners , trained at master ’ s or doctorate level , provide complex and specialized care for critically ill preterm babies and assist with high-risk deliveries . titute
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Neuroscience Institute
Nationally ranked in neurosurgery and neurology with the most comprehensive pediatric neurosurgical program in the region , providing a Neuro-Recovery program partnership with our NICU
Digestive Health Institute
Ranked 1 in the nation by U . S . News & World Report , providing the highest quality , and most comprehensive care from boardcertified experts in esophageal , intestinal , liver , pancreatic and nutritional disorders of children spectrum of treatment : bspecialty care for any condition .