2020-21 Scholarships Fact Sheet CollegeTrack Scholarships Fact Sheet 2020-21 - Page 2

TYPES OF SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE THE DOOR AWARD: OUR NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIP The DOOR (Dreams Overcoming Obstacles to Reality) award is designed to support students who face a gap between their financial aid package and the cost of attending college. The majority of students who are eligible for this scholarship are those who enroll in a Best Fit college where the graduation rate is above 57% and the gap in their financial aid package is below $7,000. DOOR scholarships can be used to cover a portion of the following costs: • Tuition, registration and additional fees • Room and board • Books and supplies • Transportation/travel expenses • Student health insurance fees BANK BOOK: OUR MERIT-BASED SCHOLARSHIP A system called “Bank Book” is the cornerstone of our merit-based scholarship program at College Track. All high school students are eligible to earn up to and exceeding $5,600 that can be accessed over the course of their college application process and college career. Through Bank Book, students begin to build a sense of ownership for the financial responsibilities associated with attending college as early as freshman year of high school. Steps to earning Bank Book dollars: GPA ($200-$400) Earn at least a 3.0 GPA in a given semester ($400 per semester) Complete 12.5 hours of service OR If GPA is <3.0, raise it by 0.5 points Complete 100 hours of service semester) Achieve Complete service learning per semester OR from previous semester ($200/ ATTENDANCE SERVICE LEARNING AND learning through College Track learning reflection between junior and 90 percent attendance each senior year semester Extra credit: Complete extra service learning hours and earn $100 for every 100 hours of service over the cumulative goal. Students can access their Bank Book funds starting in their last semester of high school to cover impending costs associated with enrolling in college. Examples of expenses that can be covered by Bank Book include tuition & fees, books & supplies, and other required materials. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR DREAMERS Since our founding, College Track has supported the college and career goals of undocumented students across the 12 communities we serve, who bear a larger financial burden in college than their documented peers. Dreamers in Colorado and Louisiana are especially vulnerable, as they cannot access in-state tuition. Examples of financial resources for Dreamers include: • Access to need- and merit-based scholarships specifically for Dreamers and DACA recipients • Scholarships to cover DACA application and renewal fees • Free immigration screenings at local College Track centers and access to free or low-cost legal aid