2020-21 Scholarships Fact Sheet CollegeTrack Scholarships Fact Sheet 2020-21

collegetrack.org SCHOLARSHIPS 112 Linden Street | Oakland, CA 94607 | [email protected] 2020-2021 @collegetrack Our mission is to equip students confronting systemic barriers to earn a bachelor's degree in pursuit of a life of opportunity, choice, and power. Financing college presents a major barrier to achieving a degree, particularly for first-generation students from low-income communities. CLOSING THE GAP Our students apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible, yet there is often a gap between the full cost of college and their financial aid offering. College Track scholarships significantly impact a students’ ability to attend a four-year college and graduate with no more than $30,000 in debt. From the minute students enroll in College Track, they become eligible to earn scholarship dollars for attending College Track classes, meeting GPA goals, and participating in community service activities. Our need- and merit-based awards are disbursed on an annual basis. $5,600 in merit-based scholarships available through College Track 2x national graduation rate for first-generation and low-income students AFFORDABLE COLLEGE INITIATIVE College Track upholds an organizational responsibility to invest need-based scholarship dollars to students who attend colleges that have demonstrated success at graduating first-generation and low-income students, those we label “Best Fit” colleges and universities. Elements of a Best Fit school include high graduation rates, low debt, and support services for under-represented students: 89% of our students borrow less than $30K more than 33% of our students graduated college with $0 in student loan debt *Source: The Pell Institute