2016 Awareness Day Final Report - Page 5

Each year in honor of Awareness Day, SAMHSA releases new reports that share critical findings related to the issues showcased at the national event. On May 5, SAMHSA’s Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality debuted its report “Adolescent Mental Health Service Use and Reasons for Using Services in Specialty, Educational and General Medical Settings,” which examines where and how adolescents most often connect with behavioral health services. SAMHSA also released a 2016 short report called “Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Services and Supports through Systems of Care,” which demonstrates how systems of care leverage community-based partnerships with schools, law enforcement, and others to improve access to children’s mental health services. The report shows that both youth and caregivers benefit from improved access to services. SAMHSA debuted a new data report on Awareness Day. “Not every day is going to be the same. Some days will be harder than others, but it’s those little pockets of hope and support in your life that give you the motivation to keep going. That’s your hope.” – Victoria Cantwell, Santa Fe Young Adult The bottom line: Children and youth involved in systems of care do better in school, are less likely to be involved with the law enforcement and juvenile justice systems, and are less likely to think about ending their own lives and to take action on those thoughts. 2016 FINAL REPORT 5