2016 Awareness Day Final Report | Page 16

Leveraging Media for Impact Once again, Awareness Day was big news on a local and national scale. The media coverage spread the Awareness Day message far beyond Washington, DC. ●● National news outlets, such as CBS News Online and Look to the Stars, covered the event and interviewed Awareness Day Honorary Chairperson Reid Ewing. 127+ MILLION 127,581,881 total media impressions ●● Media coverage included feature profiles on young adult and family leaders in local outlets such as the Sacramento Bee, Catching Health, and Bowling Green Daily News. 10.6+ MILLION ●● Media partner NBC4 Washington and its sister stations livestreamed the national event on Facebook. on May 5, 2016 (up from 8.5 million last year) ●● SAMHSA’s Director of the Center of Mental Health Services Paolo del Vecchio wrote a blog post titled, “Finding Help for Families and Youth, and Finding Hope on National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.” ●● The on-demand webcast of the national event secured 1,695 views as of September 2016. 16 OTHER INTEGRATED MEDIA RESULTS: Finding Help. Finding Hope. 10.6 million #HeroesofHope Twitter impressions 7.6+ MILLION 7.6 million Twitter impressions and 1,009 mentions of SAMHSA on May 5—the third largest metric since tracking began in April 2014! #HeroesofHope was the second highest trending hashtag in Washington, DC, on May 5.