2016 Awareness Day Final Report | Page 9

The national event featured SAMHSA’s system of care grantees who joined the panel discussions live from their own communities via Skype. WARDENE TALLEY of Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority in Michigan and PASTOR KEN CLINE of The Open Table—a faith-based organization that fights poverty—discussed how faith-based groups can contribute to community collaborations in support of children’s mental health. Representatives from Saginaw’s public school system, Safe Schools/Healthy Students, and Head Start programs, as well as youth and families, participated in a local Awareness Day Live! gathering to watch the live webcast. MEGHAN DIAMON of Screening for Mental Health Inc. in Boston joined the national event from the Boston Public Schools central office to showcase their work in that community. Thirty people from across the state were with them, including school psychologists, school nurses, teachers, program staff, and nonprofit partners. FAMILY LEADERS HUGH DAVIS Hartland, WI JANET PEREYRA Miami, FL REGINA CRIDER Champaign, IL “Start the conversation with law enforcement. Through the help of a family-run organization, parents can go together to the nearest law enforcement and ask to set up a meeting. And not just the family but youth as well. Just invite them to be aware of what you’re doing, and to get involved. Start that way.” — Janet Pereyra, Miami, FL 2016 FINAL REPORT 9