2016 Awareness Day Final Report | Page 10

201 6 FIN NYAMUON “MOON” NGUANY Portland, ME Find ing H elp. F AL RE PO RT YOUNG ADULT LEADERS AMANDA LIPP Sacramento, CA BRENDAN WARD Bowling Green, KY “I think the culture of how we view mental health needs to change. Kids of color have mental health struggles and they’re very real ... on top of the prejudice and racism they deal with inding on a daily basis already. We have to let them know we understand and truly value their experience.” Hop — Nyamuon “Moon” Nguany, Portland, ME e. “Those words—illness, disorder, issue—are all so negative. I had a hard time getting in the door of treatment even though I knew I needed it because those words were scary to me as a kid. It’s important that we be mindful of strengths-based language to help our kids realize that, hey, it’s OK to have problems.” — Amanda Lipp, Sacramento, CA 10 Finding Help. Finding Hope. Hear what Brendan had to say in this video short.