2015 KIAC Annual Report | Page 15

KIAC&SOVA Each year the Yukon School of the Visual Arts brings a new class of eager and talented foundation-year arts students to Dawson. So, not surprisingly, there is a great deal of cross-pollination between SOVA and KIAC. In addition to hosting an exhibition of artwork from the graduating class of 2015 in the ODD Gallery, KIAC made use of the School’s gallery space during the summer for the Confluence Members’ Gallery. SOVA’s instructors were also actively involved in KIAC activities, either contributing artwork for exhibitions and installations, or helping coordinate several Festival activities – including the Cold Cuts Video Festival, launched this year as part of the Dawson City International Short Film Festival. SOVA also chooses two artists in residence each year. In addition to the required public presentation, the SOVA Artists in Residence each do a project with the students. Most SOVA students go on to take their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Canada’s main art schools, but many choose to stay in Dawson, or to return after their studies and/or adventures. Be it as contributing artists, workshop instructors, or KIAC staff members, SOVA’s alumni continue to make their mark on the local art scene, and the community as a whole. 2015 annual report 15