1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 October Voice - Page 7

October jRSE To The Readers Of The VOICE of the Tennessee Walking Horse In early 1962, Ben A. Green founded this magazine in the hope of establish­ ing the first permanent publication devoted exclusively to the Tennessee Walking Horse. No other person could have begun this publication and car­ ried it forward as Mr. Green has done under many adversities. Response to the magazine has been encouraging and its prospects for the future are excellent; however, as most of you know, Mr. Green has been seriously ill several times in recent years. Both his health and the rapid growth of his enterprise have made it necessary for him to accept others into the ownership and the management of the publication so that its permanence can be assured and its continued expansion and im­ provement attained. Therefore, The Voice Publishing Company, with offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has been formed and has purchased the magazine from the founder and his lovely wife. Of course, a key term of the purchase agreement specifies that Ben A. Green will con­ tinue as Editor (and Mary Frances will continue to assist him in innumer­ able ways). Officers of the new Com­ pany are: C. Bruce Spencer, president; Fred E. Friend, vice president; Mrs. Barbara M. Friend, secretary; Mrs. Gloria L. Spencer, treasurer. These officers comprise the board of directors of the company, and they will supervise and administer the business affairs of the magazine and assist in its produc­ tion. A full-time staff will be main­ tained to carry on the expanding work of the magazine. An art director and other skilled assistants are available at all times. This new arrangement will permit Mr. Green to devote virtually all of his time to doing what he likes best — writing enthusiastically about Tennessee Walking Horses. All of us involved in the Voice Pub­ lishing Company arc deeply grateful to the inimitable Ben Green for his founding this publication and for al­ lowing us to become associated with him in carrying it forward to the ful­ fillment of his dreams. We pledge to him, and to you, that we shall constant­ ly strive to expand and improve this magazine so that we may extend its services to all who are interested in Walking Plorscs. An enlarging network of correspondents will help us gather news from all over the nation; expert Looking at the proofs of the color photo of the September “Parade of Champions” edition of the VOICE is Walter Williams, art director, Mrs. Barbara M. Friend, secretary of the new VOICE Publishing Company, Mrs. Gloria L. Spencer, treasurer; Fred E. Friend, Vice president and C. Bruce Spencer, president. assistance will help owners and exhibi­ tors plan and prepare their advertising; extensive use of color and other modem devices will result in a more appealing and readable magazine; special fea­ tures and special issues will provide a treasure of information for everyone; a rapidly increasing number of sub­ scribers, expected to double in 1964, will enable us to render our services to more and more readers (although we now are reaching more people inter­ ested in Walking Horses than is any other single publication, we want to reach every person who is interested in this breed). Toward achieving our goals for the magazine, we ask your continued sup­ port and your advice. Please write down your thoughts concerning this publication and send them to us at your earliest convenience. We are sin­ cerely interested in knowing your views. We want to thank you for die won­ derful reception which you have al­ ready given us. We hope you like the recent issues of the magazine, and we promise you that we will make each issue the best possible contribution to your information and your pleasure. —The Publishers. CORRECTIONS . . . CORRECTIONS . . . CORRECTIONS . . . The poet has said: To err is human; to forgive, divine. The producers of this publication have proved themselves to be thorough­ ly human — need we say more? While sincerely regretting the errors in the September issue, we are diligently or­ ganizing to improve the quality of this publication so that it will be a' con­ tinuing credit to the great breed it re­ presents. We beg your indulgence, as we strive toward perfection. Among the mistakes for which we must express our special regrets are the spelling of Esque for Escue on the color pictures and Paschul for Paschal in the ornate type at the top of the page showing Sam receiving ribbons. And of course the prettily smiling young lady on page 37 is Linda Robin­ son of West Point, Mississippi, not Tampa, Florida; and Joe Wright not Jan Wright rides SUN’S CELEBRA­ TION (page 32). We humbly apolo­ gize. Thank you all for bearing with us while we eliminate all mistrakes from this magazine!