1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 October Voice - Page 10

October TE October issue. We feel certain that H. H. “devoured” the Sept, issue and stayed up all night to “digest it. * ‘KEEP TALKING’ MRS. BEN A. GREEN ‘Sun Gold Rhoda* Stricken Mrs. Nelda Majure Golding of the outstanding L. L. Majure Stables, 2845 Poplar Springs Drive, Meridian, Miss., tells us her fine show mare “Sun Gold Rhoda” died on Sept. 28. “She got sick on Thursday morning and in spite of all we could do and the best medical help available we lost her on Satur­ day,” she wrote the Voice Editor. “Although we have a stable full of horses, she was my personal horse and I feel her loss keenly,” Mrs. Golding continued. (Note—Many Voice friends have told us that losing a personal, beloved horse is almost like losing a member of the human family. Such is the appreciation of a horse-lover—and we feel sure that the horse understands he or she is loved —and reciprocates. * # Bride’s Home ‘Must’ Have Book and Voice A brand-new bride, Mrs. Sandra Hogdson, Rt. 1, Box 275, Omak, Wash., warms our heart with this: “Would you please send me a copy of your book ‘Biography of the Tennessee Walking Horse.’ “I have just recently married and my new home does not have any Walk­ ing Horse books or magazines. My mother told me she was ordering the Voice for my birthday gift. I used to be Sandra Snitily from Wenatchee, Wash. My mother has your book al­ ready and I feel it is a must to include it in our home . . . I’m looking forward to receiving it soon.” (Ed. Note — Dear Sandra. Can’t think of any bride and groom being better equipped for a long life of hap­ piness than by getting the Voice monthly, and the Biography “forever.” The magazine and the book express “love for a breed and love for people.” Of such fabric — permanent, happy and profitable marriages are made.) A Birthday Gift Idea Someone gave Clovis G. Chappell, Jr., a Voice subscription for a birth­ day present — so we receive a letter from this prominent attorney of 1605 Bedford Drive, Midland, Texas, ask­ Like ‘Missing Meals' ing that his subscription be extended. We received a whole host of inquir­ He also wants it to come to his home ing letters when the great 52-page address because there are eight law­ September issue of the Voice was de­ yers in the Lynch & Chappell law of­ layed. Some said, “Send it on, I don’t fices at the Midland Savings Build­ want to ever let it run out.” Others ings. We surmise some of these other made whimsical remarks, and some lawyers have “snitched” a copy or were quite formal and stem. two. Maybe said snitchers will become But H. H. Hassler, Jr., 1151 W. Shir­ subscribers now. Hope they do. * # # ley St., Stephcnsville, Texas took the cake with this: TWHB&EAA Judges Deadline “Dear Ben, I have not received my Deadline for judges’ applications is Sept, issue of the Voice. If it has been Nov. 30, 1963, at the Lewisburg, Tenn. recently mailed, disregard this. If not office of the Tennessee Walking Horse please mail me a copy. It is like missing Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Assn, of several meals, to miss one issue of the America, Inc. Such applications must Voice.” be filed by that deadline to be present­ (Note—As this is written, all sub­ ed to the Judges Committee and later scribers copies of the Sept. Voice are to the Board of Directors for final well on the way from Chattanooga— approval to cover the year 1964. It is new point of ownership and publica­ necessary that applications be filed tion as is completely explained in this each year, re-applying for the next year. Only one Board meeting a year is held to consider these applications. Executive Secretary H. Tom Fulton warned in his September bulletin to the membership. # # # Horse Registrations Soar Secretary Fulton’s bulletin to TWHB&EAA members said horse registrations in September were run­ ning approximately three weeks be­ hind the daily arrival of mail carrying applications for registration. Already registrations were “in the 1,800 brac­ ket” and if mail continues at the cur­ rent rate the registrations for 1963 will exceed those of the previous year. Since the Voice began publication in March, 1962 it has carried monthly the official list of registrations. (There is often times a confusion of terms on this matter. Some subscribers have tended to think that a “transfer” is a registration. It is not. The “transfer” is issued when a horse is sold or pos­ session otherwise passes on to another owner. A horse may be transferred many times. A horse may be registered only once.) * «= #- A Walker For Independence, Calif. Christmas came early for Bernard R. Crawford, P. O. Box 302, Indepen­ dence, Calif.—93526. His wife bought him a Biography of the Tennessee Walking Horse “for Christmas” in a letter to the Voice Editor dated Sept. 24. “We consider our broodmare one of the family and are awaiting her blessed event next Spring,” wrote Mrs. Crawford. “We have only had her a year, but think she is one of the finest of horses. We never heard of Walkers before pur­ chasing her, and there are no others in our vicinity.” The Crawford family en­ joyed the shows at Indio and Pomona where Walkers were featured — they think the Voice is very interesting and helpful — and they want to come to Wa