1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 January Voice | Page 8

January, 1963 6 QiHxf Orr’s Cj, •eat X*g«y TO ALL WHO LOVE THE TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE The late great Gilbert R. Orr (Gilly) of Columbia, Term., is the world’s greatest writer about the Tennessee Walking Horse and I personally do not believe any of us will live long enough to meet his equal. This issue would be quite inadequate if it did not include Gilly’s wondrous 2,000-word article about the Tennessee Walking Horse that he wrote for a magazine whose name is unknown to me. I discovered this text while seeking information at the Tennessee Walk­ ing Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association when work­ ing on my “Biography”. Mrs. Marianne Hawkins, the only person in the office at this particular time, “loaned” this precious material for me and I had it copied. I chose to call it: “Gilly Orr’s Legacy” If you chance to be one in whose heart there is an innate or an acquired love for a horse a good conformation and admirable performance, of gentle manners and high in­ telligence, one which is possessed of loyalty and whose nature is for faithful service; if your sporting blood courses a bit faster at the exhibition of sufficient style for smart looks, and if you admire sheer gameness combined with even temper and long endurance—then, and in that event, you should meet and