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5 Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse Heads Pleasure List Merry Money Maker, owned by Lowell Merrill, has won the title as champion Pleasure Walking Horse for 1902 in the Pacific Coast Walking Horse Assn. That’s the word from Marjorie Myers, new publicity direc­ tor for the organization. She said Minna Hunter, owned by Joe Benes, was reserve champion in this com­ petition determined by point scores. Final point show of the year for the pleasure classes was the E.T.f. Corral Number Three Show at South San Gabriel, Calif. First five place winners there were listed as: First, Merry Money Maker; second, Minna Hunter; third, Doughboy's (e/ebcl (Bob Dipper, owner); fourth, Courtesy’s Son of Peg (Dr. Ford, owner); fifth, Midnight Merry Lee (Marge Myers, owner). Roving Reporter (Continued from page 3) the responsibility of reporting to the President. A report on these se ctional meetings will be carried in this column so that other associations might follow the pattern if things work out as planned and hoped for. Please feel free to write me if you have any questions about Walking Horses or horse shows in Florida— care of Gulf Winds Apartments, St. Petersburg Beach, Fla. liberately planted crab grass. The man at the Farmers Exchange sold Sue the kind of clover you sow in the hay field. Get a picture of this lawn with a sturdy crab grass base, liberally laced with duckweed, dandelions, red clover, white clover and a hardy stand of wild carrots and onion. When they cut the grass, it smells like Mulligan stew. Orange State Group Association Now here we are at the end of the Links 3 Florida Shows second page and Bob hasn’t started Three Florida West Coast horse his letter yet. If you want to know the shows—all including Walking Horse inside story, he doesn’t intend to. classes—have been announced by the However, if I know my boy, chances new Orange State Assn., of which Mrs. are he will call you long distance on Virginia Robinson is secretary. Five December 24th and wish you all a other shows are members of the Sun­ Merry Christmas and a Happy New shine Circuit. Year. Listed by the Orange State group are: Pinellas County 16th Annual Love, Show in Tampa, March 7-10; and Sue and Bob Gainesville 21st Annual Show on March 13-16. High score awards are Celebration and also in the Breeder's How Horses Show Moods planned for all major divisions. Assn. Futurity—showing colts sired by Am grateful to C.B.B. of Columbus, Merry Go Boy. and owned by various Ohio for her letter stressing that Entire Family Claims individuals. “Horses ears tell you what mood to Twelve-Year-Old Mare EIGHT FIRST PLACES expect. ” Here are some excerpts and Mr. and Mrs. Pat Hancock of Rose- This record was most pronounced comments: hill Farm, 4530 Cheeseman Road, at the 1962 Celebration and the 1962 This young lady (C.B.B.) is not too Route 3, Victoria, British Columbia, Futurity. In these two events members pleased with one of her school teach­ recently acquired a 12-year-old Walk­ of the family showed colts to win ers. The teacher contends that all ing mare and all claim ownership. eight first places, two seconds and one animals are actually dumb and only “We each have our own saddle third. do things to be rewarded. C.B.B. owns horses but with Allens Dixie Gold we The breakdown for this perform­ a Tennessee Walking Horse, and does are partners” writes Mrs. Edith Han­ ances showed: not agree. She maintains that “the cock. The Hancocks have a daughter, Steve Beech—In the Celebration, World Book Encyclopedia says that Pauline 15, and a son, Russell, 13. first in the yearling stallion, yearling horses are intelligent and eager to championship and weaning champion­ please, they have good memories and ship classes, and second in the wean­ can be easily trained to obey com­ YOUR GOLDEN ling filly class; In the Futurity, first in mands instantly. Although the horse OPPORTUNITY the yearling stallion and weanling cannot talk, it does seem to have a filly classes. Three of the firsts were way of communicating with men. To raise unbeatable livestock. by Go Boy’s Skylark B., shown for H. Many “exhibitors talk their mount You can now buy— W. Brown, Columbia, Tenn. This through a performance class.” And yearling brought a record $-1,200 at too, "the horse’s eyes tell a lot. In auction, bought by Rob O. Locke of fact, by studying the combination of WENONAH FARM Ft. Wayne, Ind., at the fall Murray eyes and ears, one can generally tell A fertile 836-Acre show place, com­ Sale. what it may be thinking and almost pletely covered with luxurious Bobby Beech—In the Celebration, predict what its next move might be.” grasses and clovers. first in the weanling filly class and How about you readers? Are you Many International third in the weanling championship; in agreement? What do you think? Champions S. W. Beech, Jr.—In the Celebration, first in the yearling filly and second were raised here. Owner retiring (reserve) in the yearling champion­ For what it might mean to other pricing low. Telephone MU 4-1721 ship; in . the Futurity, first in the state walking horse associations, the or write: yearling filly class. Florida Association is considering Although 13-year-old Ray Beech is selling up sections with a trustee in BAILEY EVANS still not in competition, he is expected each section to conduct meetings with 422 Belmont Avenue to start training a pony this spring members in the immediate area. In Shelbyville, Tennessee and evidently this young man will be this manner, items of interest can be heard from. discussed and the trustees will have