1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 January Voice | Page 17

Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse MAN Ol7 COURAGE, s, by Glory's Merry Boy oul of Black of the Night, Foaled April 4, 1902. Owner, Shackelford Stock Farm, Bolivar, Term. ACE S WHITE STAR, m, by Blaze of Gold’s Price out of Ace’s Colton Queen. Foaled May 27, 1962. Owner, Howard S. Hensley, Elkton, Va. RAMBLING SUN DUST, s, by Our Sun Dust out of Silver Lady G., foaled March 14, 1962, Owner, F. E. King, Franklin, Tenn. LADY SILVER DUST, m, by Our Sun Dust out of Silver Lady G., foaled June 23, 1960. Owner, F. E. King, Franklin, Tenn. MERRY MOON GLOW LADY, m, by Alabama Hi Moon oul of Mary Gold R. G., foaled July 20, 1962. Owner, Morris E. & Mary E. Brown, Shelbyville, Tenn. MISS DETERMINATION B., m, by Determination out of Dungaree Doll, foaled July 10, 1961. Owner, M. E. Brown, Shelbyville, Tenn. STAR-OF.SUN-DUST, m, by Sun-Dust out of Flaxcy Allen C., foaled May 6, 1959. Owner, Lemons and White Stables, Columbia, Term. GO BOY’S MOONBEAM, s, by Go Boy Again out of Mont- eaglc Moon, foaled June 20, 1962. Owner, Fred H. Hudson, Greer, S. C. GO BOY’S FIRST LADY H., by Go Boy Again oul of Big Mans Lady, foaled April 2S, 1962. Owner, Fred H. Hudson, Greer, S. C. GO BOY S STARLIGHT H., s, by Go Boy Again oul of America’s Starlight, foaled May 20, 1962. Owner, Fred I-I. Hudson, Greer, S. C. SPRINGTIME MERRY, m, by Merry’s Sun out of Maker Lady, foaled April 28, 1962. Owner, William II. Nicely, Mas­ cot. Tenn. SHIRLEY ANN SUNSHINE, m, by Joe’s Mack K. out of Miss Sunshine, foaled March 25, 1962. Owner, Shirley Ann Shrcvc, Dickerson. Md. ROXY ANN R., m, by Sun’s Glitter Boy out of Bright Eyed Beauty, foaled March 27, 1961. Owner, Leonard Ro­ berts, Athens, Ala. MAHOGANY SENSATION, s, by Midnight Sun out of Shadow’s Lovely Lady, foaled June 20, 1962. Owner, William T. Eaton, Jr., Manchester, Tenn. BIRDIE MARRY WILSON, m, by Sun’s Mahogany out of Marry Wilson, foaled March 7, 1962. Owner, H. H. Moore, Navasota, Texas. VOLUNTEER CHIEF, s, by Comanche Chief out of Lady Volunteer, foaled May 23, 1962. Owner, George O. Cook, Candler, S. C. LACE’S GINGER, m, by Ronnie-Go-Bov out of Midnight Black Lace, foaled March 23, 1962. Owner, Sam Harris, Jr., Huntsville, Ala. DOLLIE’S B.. m, by Sun's Mark out of Dollie Pullum, foaled July 7, 1962. Owner, Trafford L. Book, Henderson, Ky. MY MIDNIGHT GALE, in, by Sun's Mark out of Frosty Call, foaled July 24, 1962. Owner, Trafford L. Book. Hend­ erson, Ky. PERKIE’S SUN, m, by Midnight Jim II out of Midnite Ruby, foaled July 2, 1961. Owner, Jeff Rollins, Lebanon, Tenn. SUN’S LITTLE GIRL, in, by Midnight Jim II out of Driver’s Best, foaled June 6, 1962. Owner, Jeff Rollins. Leb­ anon, Tenn. LANA’S MIDNIGHT, m, by Midnight Jim II oul of Mid­ nite Ruby, foaled June 3, 1962. Owner, Jeff Rollins, Lebanon, Tenn. MIDNIGHT DOLLY BLACK, m, by Bernies Midnight Sun out of Midnight Lou, foaled June 4, 1962. Owner, Alton L. Army, San Marcos, Calif. COOKS WHITE CLOUD, s, by Cookie Wilson oul of White Satin M„ foaled June II, 1962. Owner, T. B. Cooke, Morristown, Tenn. COOKES BARBRY ALLEN, m, by Cookes Trigger Allen out of Lee Anna, foaled May 8, 1962. Owner, 1. B. Cooke, Morristown, Tenn. RISING SUN'S ORBIT, s, by the Rising Sun out of Fancy Traveler, foaled April 21, 1901. Owner, Herman E. Morris, Antioch, Tenn. LITTLE BEE WILSON, m, by Thundcrbird oul of May- Dee Wilson, foaled May 16, 1962. Owner, Mrs. Archie D. Staley, Washutucna, Wash. (Continued on Page 16) 15 EXECUTION SIGNALS MOVEMENTS The flat walk should be true square and flat footed. The running walk should be smooth gliding over­ stepping four-cornered gait. The horse must have stride and head motion. Starts Flat Walk Use necessary leg aids with slight rein release and tip shoulders. Light bit pressures re­ quired leg aids for cor­ rect tempo. Running Walk Reins should be collect­ ed for proper bit pres­ sure for individual mount. on both leads with a rolling motion with chin well tucked comfortably in hand. Canter From flat walk turn horse’s head slightly to rail and lift, apply leg aid if necessary, release rein pressures simultane­ ously, lean and look toward inner shoulder. Collect with rise of horse. To be gradual. No jerks or plunging. Stops Increase rein pressures evenly keeping weight well down, legs steady. Park Lift head lightly, quiet leg aids. Bit easy, not to drag on mouth. Reverses Positive direct rein sig­ nals. Backing Step horse forward from parked position. Using term “Back” draw even­ ly on reins, releasing alternately with pres­ sures. No c lucking or vigorous use of leg aids. The canter should be smooth, slow and straight Horse to stand on all four; head up neck crested jaw flexible. Stretched 1 or 2 steps from normal. Toward ring center or toward rail smoothly. Keep mount well in hand, hand. Smooth quiet straight. 3-4 steps. Showmanship Put into action a sound knowledge of Walking Horse gaits with the accomplishment of riding skills and the art of horsemanship. Add to this a well appointed, gracious personality and you have the assets for showmanship. RING MANAGEMENT: Avoid extremes, be alert and attentive. Place your horse to best advantage. Ride near rail, work independently. Avoid bunching. ETIQUETTE: Do not cut around closely or interfere with progress of others. Ask Ring Master to excuse you if your horse be­ comes unmanageable. Show prompt attention and reaction to instructions. Watching judge or grandstanding objec­ tionable. SPORTSMANSHIP: Take time to be courteous in and out of ring. Win or lose, enjoy the fun and associations. Don’t gripe. Analyze your mistakes and keep trying to improve. Suitability Of Mounts MANNERS: Ill-natured, uncontrollable mounts should be taken or excused from ring promptly to eliminate danger to all. Should indicate proper amount of training and good dis­ position. (Continued on Page 16)