1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 January Voice | Page 13

Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse PEARL JEAN, m, by Buddy Lee oul of My Pearl, foaled May 3, 1962. Owner, Lynon Qualls, Algood, Tenn. MACK K’S DARK SECRET, m, by Hot Chocolate S. oul of Mack K’s Star, foaled June 14, 1962. Owner, Mrs. Sunny Willett, Jonesboro, Ark. JET'S JUBILEE, s, by Sun's Jet Parade out of Chance's Happiness, foaled April 7, 1962. Owner, Forrest L. Parsons, Huntington, W. Va. SILVER LADY MIDNIGHT, m, by Magic Rambler out of Mau’s Silver Lady, foaled April 27, 1962. Owner, George J. Pantsar, Anoka, Minn. LITTLE SIS LONGSTEP, m, by King Longstcp Allen out t>f Roan Merric Maid, foaled Sept. 29, 1955. Owner, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Miller, Missoula, Montana. SNOWY ALLEN, m, by King Longstep Allen out of Roan Merric Maid, foaled May 11, 1957. Owner, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Miller, Missoula, Montana. ROMPING ROXANNA. m, by Merry Boy’s Junior out of Greg's Happy Legs, foaled July 30, 1962. Owner, Mrs. Bessie Taliman, Bogard, Mo. CROUCH’S COTTON MAID, m, by Travelers Glory out of Determined Nancy, foaled July 25, 1962. Owner, James P. Crouch, Memphis, Tenn. ACE’S GO BOY T, s. by Merry Go Boy out of Ace's Mary Maid, foaled May 7, 1962. Owner, John W. Turner, M. D., Paintsvillc, Kv. SHADOWS LADY GWEN T.. m. by Go Boy’s Shadow out of Sun Time’s Lady, foaled May 10, 1962. Owner, John W. Turner. M. D., Paintsvillc, Kv. MERRY BOY’S FRITZY, m, by Merry Boy Flash out of Kandy K., foaled June 13, 1962. Owner, J. H. Cates, Long View, Texas. KANDY BAR, m, by Rex Alamo out of Betty Flash, foaled [une 2, 1962. Owner, J. H. Cates, Long View, Texas. RONNIES BIG CHIEF, s. by Ronnic-Co-Boy out of Comanche, foaled May 7, 1962. Owner, Dr. J. S. Gowan. Huntsville, Ala. RONNIES MAY FLOWER, m. by Ronnic-Co-Boy out of Little June Bug. foaled May 4, 1962. Owner, Dr. J. S. Gowan, Huntsville, Ala. RONNIES FOXXIE, s. by Ronnic-Go-Bov out of Bunny Foots, foaled June 3, 1962. Owner. Dr. J. S. Gowan, Hunts­ ville. Ala. L. ANN D’S LADY, m, by Go Boys Limousine out of Haven’s June, foaled April 24, 1962. Owner, W. D. D. Bre­ land, Walterboro, S. C. L. ANN D’S MISS EBONY, m, by Go Boys Limousine out of Old Glory City Miss, foaled April 19, 1962. Owner, W.D.D. Breland, Walterboro, S. C. CREECH GYPSY ALLEN, m, by Gypsy Rose’s Jeep out of Tennessee's Queen Anne, foaled March 28, 1962. Owner, Earl M. & Joe S. Beatty, Charlotte, N. C. GO BOY TOWN TAPPER, m. by Merry Go Boy out of Good Night Marie, foaled April 20, 1962. Owner, Waller Primm. Franklin, Tenn. STONES RIVER KING, s, by Fabian out of Dinah Marie, foaled May 1, 1962. Owner, J. R. Vaughn, LaVergne, Tenn. PERFECTION’S TOP MAN, s, by Rodgers’ Perfection oul of Merry Hot Shot, foaled April 18, 1962. Owner, Vcrdon C. Walker, Lafayette, Calif. LOU’S LADY, m, by Merry While Flash out of Lady Ann Holder, foaled July 12, 1957. Owner, R. J. Guest, Jr., Ft. Payne, Ala. MARY ANN PRINCESS, m, by Commander’s Victor)' out of Docia Do, foaled May 20, 1962. Owner, Everett Beasley. Nashville, Tenn. GOLDEN SUNRISE GLORY, s, by Commander’s Victory out of Midnight Storm B., foaled May 17, 1962. Owner, Everett Beasley, Nashville. Tenn. LADY’S LAST LEGS, s, by Wilson’s Golden Ace out of Mimosa Lady, foaled Sept. 24, 1962. Owner, CIclIa Sadler, Strongville, Ohio. JUNE’S MERRY JANE, m, by June Sun out of White Merry Legs, foaled Oct. 11, 1962. Owner, W. II. Collins, Orlando, Fla. JUNE’S MERRY CATHY, m, by June Sun out of Merry Hall, foaled Aug. 24, 1961. Owner, Carolyn M. Howard, Oklawaha, Fla. MIDNIGHT SONNY BOY, s, by Midnight Joe G. out of Martha Ann Allen, foaled April 6. 1962. Owner, J. J. Ashley, Jr., Liberty, N. C. (Continued on page 14) 11 ‘WJi •ling