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DECEMBER 1963 Walking Horse Activity Provides Family Fun For the Keith Kropps “Everyone can participate in some way or another—”, so said Polly Kropp, mother of avid Walk­ ing Horse juvenile rider, Susie Kropp, of Signal Mountain, Ten­ nessee. Here is one family that has varied interests, but one common bond in showing horses. There are St. Petersburg, Florida three children in the Kropp family, and only Sue rode in the shows Our our way from Clayton, Ohio last year; however, overall en­ to St. Petersburg, we visited our thusiasm will undoubtedly see another member tall in the saddle, new publishing offices in Chat­ tanooga, Tennessee. With Ben come Spring, 1964. Little Sue Kropp rode her first Green continuing as head of the horse in April, 1963. This first ride staff, we should cover the Ten­ was on a Tennessee Walking Horse nessee Walking Horse activities in and she immediately showed a such depth as to please our most great interest in riding. Her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. discerning readers. I invite your personal visit, letter W. Keith Kropp, Jr., set out to look for a horse that a 7-year-old or phone call to me here at the girl could handle. They found a Gulf Winds Apartments, St. Pe­ sorrell, 6-year-old mare, at City tersburg Beach, Florida. Hope to View Stables in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Sam Paschal assured be here until Spring, so be in them that this mare was so set in touch. her gaits that Sue could handle her To those of you who have not with ease. They bought the mare, had the opportunity or perhaps the SIR HENRY’S LADY LEE, to desire to visit Florida, let me sug­ Battleground Stables in Port gest you are missing a great ex­ Oglethorpe, Georgia, only a few perience. The way of life is re­ miles from Chattanooga. Their laxed, down to earth with genuine trainer, Billy Brantley, began heartfelt consideration for human­ teaching Sue how to ride a show ity. Better pack up your family horse. Sue and LADY soon made and horses and come to the Florida a good team. Although Sue has circuit shows. turned 8 years old, her legs are Tampa Visit still not long enough to canter the It was a smiling Roy Fleeman mare. She gives a signal by touch­ ing her shoulder with the crop. who greeted me as I drove up to Under the guidance of Mr. Bran t­ the Tampa Yacht Club Stables. ley, Sue made 12 shows last season Roy had been working in the east­ and came home with 10 ribbons, ern part of the United States and is a happy young man to be back including several blues. The entire family enjoy attend­ in sunny Florida. As the new pro­ ing the shows, including four-year- fessional trainer and manager of old Chris and eleven-year-old the Tampa Yacht Club Stables, he Keith, III. They have 4 brood is concentrating on teaching chil­ mares and pleasure horses at dren — for the most part, saddle home and all enjoy riding. Keith seat equitation. His prowess as a recently purchased PRIDE OF teacher is so well known that some DECATUR, a four-year-old black children are making the trek from stallion, from John Price Stables. St. Petersburg to Tampa to avail This horse has a good show record themselves of the opportunity to and Keith plans to show him next learn horsemanship from this po­ pular instructor. year. TE»S(£^*£l(INCH0 ME YOUR ROVING REPORTER By Charles Goldswig Among other saddle horses in training, Roy will soon have a top walking horse, LITTLE MYS­ TERY, under his direction. Mr. William Maclnness, owner of this champion mare and president of the Tampa Yacht Club Stables, is having LITTLE MYSTERY brought down from Tennessee and is looking forward to showing her in the amateur classes in the Florida Circuits. Orange Slate Circuit No trip to Tampa would be com­ plete without a visit with Mrs. Virginia Robinson; and, as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed my gab fest at her home. It is impossible to find enough superlatives to de­ scribe her. She is a most gracious and personable woman. To know her is to love her, and to love her means that you will work for her — will work for her RIGHT NOW. In addition to her usual house­ hold duties, this truly remarkable lady handles all the details of the Tampa Horse Show, which she has been doing for the past 18 years. She takes everything in stride and has a smooth operation because of her terrific background with horsemen. She can handle a groom, truck driver, trainer, exhibitor — in fact, she has a way of handling everything and everybody. Unlike others with long exper­ ience behind them who become a bit gruff or short in their remarks, this lovely lady bubbles over with enthusiasm. Each year the Tampa Horse Shows grow bigger and bet­ ter under her direction. In addi­ tion to being the secretary of the Tampa Horse Show, she is also the secretary - treasurer of the Orange State Circuit. It is a re­ warding experience to meet with (Continued on Next Page)