1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 December Voice - Page 16

DECEMBER TEWEEJtE WIKINC H 1 6 RSE 1963 LOOK FOR US IN THE PARADE OF HOSES ON NEW YEARS DAY CHARLIE BROWN, Nancy Escue up SUN’S DELIGHT Sam Paschal up World’s Grand Champion and Sam Paschal will ride v_, in the “Parade of Roses,” Pasadena, Calif., January 1, 1964. Mr. Fray Escue and his daughter, Nancy, A / FLASHY BENNIE, Fray Escue up will ride their horses as escorts. You will want to rade and see your favorite MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ALL OF US FRAY ESCUE PONTIAC CO., Tennessee Walking Horse. COVINGTON, KENTUCKY view this spectacular pa­