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Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse the newspaper yarn: WALKING HORSE of the TO BE FEATURE Tennessee Walking Horse OF RB ROUNDUP B en A. G reen .................... Publisher-Editor “A special track event at .the Red M rs . B en A. G reen ....................... Secretary Bluff Roundup on April 28 and 29 OFFICE—SHELBYVILLE, TENN. will give horse lovers and rodeo fans (This monthly magazine is dedicated to the welfare a look at an outstanding Tennessee of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed for show and pleasure.) Walking Horse, rodeo headquarters OUR AIM—To maintain a permanent publication that will merit the full support of all who love announced today. the Tennessee Walking Horse. Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse is owned “The special exhibition will feature by Ben A. Green and Mrs. Ben A. Green, Shclby- the Champion Tennessee Walking villc, Tcnn., and its editorial contents can be used for re-publication by any person or firm provided Horse ‘Go-Boy’s Captain,' and will proper credit is given and the magazine is correctly quoted. demonstrate the unusual and flashy Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse is pub­ gaits of this outstanding breed. lished monthly at 1110 South Brittain St., Shelby- villc, Tcnn. “The horse is owned and trained by Send all subscription payments and advertising payments to Ben A. Green, Shelbyvillc, Tcnn. the J. H. Trisdale Stables of Ander­ Subscription Price: $-1 per year; single copy 50 cents. son, who have done much to make the breed increasingly popular in this area. Exhibition was arranged by Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Smith of Red Bluff, who are owners and fanciers of the Tennessee Walking Horse. “ 'Go-Boy’s Captain’ was rated the West Coast Junior Champion Walk­ ing Horse at the Cow Palace in San Friends, this may be just the good Francisco last fall, and will show the year 1962 for most folks—but it is three gaits, the running walk, flat-foot Breakthrough Year for the Tennessee walk and the canter. “This year will mark the first time Walking Horse. There are signs every­ where pointing to this fact. They vary this breed has appeared at the Red greatly and many of them are not ap­ Bluff Roundup and should prove an interesting feature.” parent now. In a letter to us Donald says in Two great signs that foretell the part, after showing appreciation for year are already known to us. One—the Tennessee Walking Horse the No. 1 issue of the Voice: “You National Celebration at Shelbyville will remember when I first wrote to has advanced its opening night to you that I mentioned the suggestion Sunday, Aug. 26, with a free show you made in your book concerning starting at 8 p.m. This is the first in­ promotion of interest in the Tennes­ crease in Celebration night shows see Walking Horse. I also mentioned since the schedule was advanced to at that time that Mrs. Smith and I six nights in 1954. Also the Na­ were thoroughly sold on them and we tional Futurity sponsored by the Ten­ are doing all that we can in our small nessee Walking Horse Breeders & Ex­ way to generate interest out here.” Donald—you and the Missus have hibitors’ Assn, with headquarters in Lewisburg, Tenn. has been scheduled not done anything small in this in­ for Saturday night, Aug. 25 at the stance. You have done something real Celebration Grounds. This means big for the breed, and your achieve­ eight straight comfortable nights of ment is another footstep in Tennessee horse showing. That, in truth, is a Walking Horse history'. great Breakthrough. Other breakthroughs known to us Two—for the first time in all time include: the Tennessee Walking Horse was ex­ Registrations at the Tennessee hibited April 28-29 in the Red Bluff Walking Horse Breeders’ and Ex­ Roundup in Red Bluff, Calif. See hibitors’ Assn, of America, Inc., rose what the Red Blu(T Daily News had to a near-record 3,500 last year; mem­ to say about this appointment that bership soared too with 90 added at means a tremendous gain for the Ten­ the last directors’ meeting; Executive nessee Walker in the land that Don­ Secretary Tom Fulton mentioned half ald V. Smith (Red Bluff attorney) a dozen important shows adding calls “hard-bitten, hard-riding cow Walking Horse classes. country’’ that usually sees only cow The Florida Tennessee Walking horses, bucking horses and racing Horse Assn, organized with Presi­ quarter horses at a roundup. Here’s dent Charlie Goldswig (winter Flori- VOICE 1962—A Breakthrough Year For The Tennessee Walker 1 Professional Opinion (Note—The Voice Editor and his Beloved Secretary (Wife) are proud and happy to receive the following expressions of profes­ sional opinion after Issue No. 1 had re ached certain persons in the writing field. BAG) From Western Horseman Boss “Dear Ben: Just looked over Vol. 1, No. 1, of Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse and want to send along my heartfelt congratulations. You are off to a good start, and here is wishing you much success—both to you and to the breed. Sincerely, Dick Spencer, III, Editor, The Western I-Iorseman, 3850 N. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo.” (Note—Dick, you are indeed a Good Friend. Your magazine has been a true inspiration to me. Last year a knowing person told me you have more circulation than all of the other horse magazines published for general distribution. I believe him. Thank you for permission to get my article from your De­ cember, 1961, issue re-printed in the Con­ gressional Record. Hope to do that real soon for a special reason. BAG.) (Continued on Page 29) From J. Glenn Turner (We arc especially grateful and pleased, to receive the following from a very good friend—President J. Glenn Turner of the Tennessee Walk­ ing Horse Breeders and Exhibitors’ Association of America:) "Dear Ben: "Just a note to tell you that I en­ joyed very much reading your new monthly publication entitled ‘Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse.' This is certainly a fine magazine and one that I think will be of great help to the Tennessee Walking Horse. "Thanking you for your continued interest in Walking Horses, and with kindest personal regards. Sincerely yours, J. Glenn Turner, 1940 Mer­ cantile Dallas Bldg., Dallas 1, Texas.” dian) but of 333 West First St., Day- ton, O., during rest of year; President Alan Stevenson, P. O. Box 24, Utica, N. Y., was reelected president of the New York-New England Tennessee Walking Horse Assn, and also heads the American Walking Horse Assn. Yes, friends, it’s breakthrough year. And we forgot to add that the V oice got its start in March, the V oice Editor will start on May 26 giv­ ing his full time six days a week to the Tennessee Walking Horse, and will have his training book with the printer by June 30 and have it ready for distribution (probably) at the Celebration.