1962-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1962 May Voice | Page 2

HOME OF COLUMBIA'S NATIONAL SPRING JUBILEE 21 GREAT CLASSES-JUNE 1-2-STARTING 7:30 P.M. SPACIOUS MAURY COUNTY PARK-AREA 120 ACRES Columbia Daily Herald air photo by Lorry Gallas Spacious Maury County Park—home of the National horses. Spring Jubilee at Columbia, Tenn.—offers one of the been developed with assistance of civic forces of This Maury County-owned property has loveliest sights in the Horse Show World. The large Columbia and other communities to provide the max­ amphitheater with its tailored track, comfortable seat­ imum in enjoyment. ing facilities, and matchless view of the great outdoors is Columbia's new Central High School and parking provide horse show grounds of great natural beauty area. and utility. Modern stalls await many scores of In the upper part of the picture