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2 December , 1962
A Message from Your
A Message from Your Secretary of the Voice
Dear Friends :
First I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to eaclt and every one of our subscribers to the Voice . Last December the first subscription card was filed . Now our mailing list shows over 3200 subscribers . As secretary , 1 have shared and enjoyed your wonderful letters throughout the year . Every day ' s mail has brought us new friends and although I have learned to love the Tennessee Walking Horse , 1 love more the people who own them . “ People " have always been my hobby and gelling to know you through your letters , and many of you in person , during the Celebration , has given me much happiness .
1 also wish to add my special thanks to those of your Editor for your many expressions of sympathy during his illness . We are very grateful that his health is slowly improving . Your concern and interest have been an inspiration to us and we know that you will understand why our magazine is not all that we want it to be , since Ben ' s illness . He has fell able to do very little writing and many of your letters have gone unanswered . Any news or advertisements which you can send us during the next few months will be especially appreciated .
of the Tennessee Walking Horse
Ben A . Green
Mrs . Ben A . Creen .......................... Secretary OFFICE — SHELBYVILLE , TENN .
( This monthly magazine is dedicated to the welfare of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed for show and pleasure .)
OUR AIM — To maintain a permanent publication that will merit the full support of all who love the Tennessee Walking Horse .
Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse is owned by Ben A . Green and Mrs . Ben A . Green , Shelbyvillc , Tenn ., and its editorial contents can be used for re-publication by any person or firm provided proper credit is given and the magazine is correctly quoted .
Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse is published monthly at 1110 South Brittain St ., Shelbyville , Tenn .
Send all subscription payments and advertising payments to Ben A . Green , Shclbyville , Tenn .
Subscription Price : $ 4 per year ; single copy 50 cents .
Secretary of the Voice
Secondly , 1 want to give you my Philosophy of Life , as expressed in the following :
Youth is not a time of life ; it is a state of mind . It is not a matter of ripe cheeks , red lips and supple knees ; it is a temper of the will , a quality of the imagination , a vigor of the emotions . It is the freshness of the deep springs of life .
Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity , of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease . This often exists in a man of fifty more than in a boy of twenty .
Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years . People grow old only by deserting tbeir ideals .
Years wrinkle the skin ; but to give up your enthusiasm wrinkles the soul .
Worry , doubt , self-distrust , fear and despair — these are the long , long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust .
Whether sixty or sixteen , there is in every human being ’ s heart the lure of wonder , the sweet amazement at the stars and at star-like things and thoughts , the undaunted challenge of events , the unfailing , childlike appetite for what next , and the joy of the game of living . You are as young as your faith , as old as your fear , as young as your hope , as old as your despair .
In the central place of your heart is an evergreen Lree ; its name is love . So long as it flourishes you are young . When it dies you are old . In the central place of your heart is a wireless station . So long as it receives messages of beauty , hope , cheer , grandeur , courage and power from God and your fellow men , so long are you young .
Author Unknown
And , in closing , I leave with you a prayer written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox :
A Morning Prayer
Let me this morning do something that shall take
A little sadness from the world ’ s vast store ,
And may I be so favored as to make Of joy ’ s too scanty sum a little more .
Let me not hurt , by any selfish deed Or thoughtless word , the heart of foe or friend ;
Nor would I pass , unseeing , worthy need ,
Or sin by silence when 1 should defend .
However meager be my worldly weal tli ,
Let me give something that will aid my kind —
A word of courage , or a thought of health ,
Dropped as I pass for troubled hearts to find .
Let me tonight look back across the span
’ Twixt dawn and dark , and to my conscience say —
Because of some good act to beast or man —
" The world is better that I lived today .”
4 Annua ! Meeting For Mid-South
Annual meeting of the Mid-South Horse Shows Assn , is scheduled Feb . 10-11 , at Jackson , Miss ., it lias been announced . Directors meet Sunday afternoon and the annual dinner meeting with 500 expected follows at 6:30 p . m . Sunday . Three directors will be elected and liorse show dates lor the 1963 season will be cleared .
Monday ’ s schedule includes a directors meeting in the morning , a p . m . School for Show Managers and other officials conducted by Eli Long Jr ., of Germantown , Tenn . and other nationally known authorities , and the final awards meeting of trophies and ribbons to point score winners at the banquet Monday night .
Reservations for the meeting may be made through Emmet Guy , P . O . Box 1592 , Jackson , Tenn . Fred Fowler of Sommerville , Tenn ., is president ; O ’ Neil Flowell , Memphis , Tenn ., vicepresident ; and Emmet Guy , secretarytreasurer .