1962-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1962 December Voice | Page 23

21 Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse First iii Missouri Beil A. Roberts of Jackson, Mo. writes us that he owns a 27-year-oltl Tennessee Walking Horse named Lady Luck who was the first register­ ed Walking Mare to be in Missouri. She was bought in Columbia, Tenn. as a 3-year-old. Fox Hunts on Mare Lamar Taylor of Taylor’s Kennel Supplies, Rockford, Tenn., says he has fox hunted for 45 years but never rode or owned a horse that lie “likes so well” as his walking mare—Sun’s Beauty Queen. Left Hospital, Glad Of Celebration Trip inspiring indeed is an interesting letter from Mrs. Joyce Lee Yarian of 865 Oak Avenue, Lake Elmo, Min­ nesota. She came to the Tennessee Walk­ ing Horse Celebration despite the fact that she had to step from a Minnesota hospital into the car for the trip. “I was so very tired but decidedly happy when I drove into your home state,” she wrote. “It was a long way for a woman to drive in three days. The Celebration will stay locked in my memory for the rest of my life, for more than one reason. “Everyone said I was crazy to leave the hospital only three days after major surgery to see a horse show. But, thank goodness I did. It was a dream come true, and certainly no ordinary horse show.” On returning home Mrs. Yarian found she had too many Walking Horse so she disposed of her stallion, a 19-year-old who she says acted like a 3-year-old. Mrs. Yarian also told a heart-felt story about a little stallion which was credited with giving a 12-year-old girl the will to live, after she became heart-broken over the loss of her pony. (Editor’s Note—Mrs. Yarian visited in our home during the Celebration, and told of her work in teaching others to ride and also in her personal training of Walking Horses. She is a person of very small stature, but as you can see she has great courage and stamina. Her husband is a physician. BAG.) HORSE SENSE Get this long-playing RCA recording of a rollicking speech delivered live before the Mid-South Horse Shows Association By Dr. Kenneth McFarland Literally loaded with guffaws and gumption. A must for every horse owner, breeder, and exhibitor! Entertain yourself, your friends, and your club. Dr. McFarland is introduced by O'Neil Howell. The price of this record is $6.00. For immediate delivery send your order to Ben Howell & Son Saddlery 138 South Second Street Memphis 3, Tennessee Pleasure Horse—Show Horses VISIT OUR STABLES WHILE You Are In Middle Tennessee Come To Bell Buckle And Ask Anyone Where H. P. SAIN And BETTY SAIN Train Their Tennessee Walking Horses Bell Buckle, Tenn. Phone BR 5-3891