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Membership Has Its Benefits With over 400 members , just a few of the benefits for SBCC members include members-only webinars , in-person events and direct business referrals . Membership isn ' t limited to Black-owned businesses only ( although Black-owned businesses are highlighted on their website ), the SBCC is home to many non-profit and entrepreneurial businesses and while they aren ' t all Blackowned , they wish to be a part of and make a difference in the Black community .
Sustainable Communities The Solar Trees Project pictured at left is a collaborative project within the Sacramento Promise Zone , a 22 mile contiguous zone that stretches from the North in Del Paso Heights , through to South Sacramento and encompasses many traditionally underserved neighborhoods in our City . To date , with our partners at SHRA , SMUD , The Sacramento Kings and UC Davis / UC Davis Health , four solar trees have been installed - two in Del Paso Heights , two in South Sacramento , and with yet another site in development for Oak Park . These trees equal the same carbon benefit as planting 70 natural trees , while generating solar energy back onto the grid , and the ability to charge over 1 million smart phones at the same time .
Young Leadership Collaborative The YLC Program is now in its 13th year and it just keeps growing ! In 2020 the first virtual program allowed students from outside of Sacramento to participate , and this year there has already been interest from students internationally . These are the best and brightest - they must have a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average to apply . Some of our recent graduates have gone on to study for careers in Science Technology Engineering , Math ( STEM ), are attending the Fashion Institute of Technology ( FIT ) in NYC , pursuing Entrepreneurship and much more .
The YLC Program takes them through the steps of launching their own business , from start-tofinish , with an emphasis on professional behavior and appearance , research , team-work and hands-on instruction from industry experts to help guide the way . Students who complete the program successfully also receive scholarship funding towards their future education endeavors .
Parent Advocacy Program The PAP program is now entering its third year as a program with the SBCC . In partnership with Fortune School , the program at this time is exclusively for the parents of Fortune School Charter Schools students . The PAP program helps to equip parents with the necessary tools they need to advocate for their children and their school . Parents learn about Advocacy 101 , Working with the Media , and also complete a Field Activity involving their local School Board Council .

Of paramount importance to us is sustainability in our communities , prioritizing our members and their businesses , as well as focusing on the education and professional development of the next generation .



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