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UC Davis Health has formal contractual relationships with 26 Federally Qualified Health Centers to provide a comprehensive mix of primary care , specialty care and behavioral health through inperson and telemedicine services . PHOTO COURTESY OF UC DAVIS HEALTH

UC Davis Health is committed to leveraging economic , academic and human power to serve the most vulnerable in our communities and has a long history of community partnerships to help support underserved and diverse populations .

With health care reform , there is now even more incentive for what UC Davis Health refers to as the “ right care , right time , right place ” approach . Instead of people coming to large medical centers where specialty staff and equipment is maintained with higher expenses , the care is brought into communities to help prevent the need for more intensive and expensive care .
Two examples of that are UC Davis Health ’ s partnerships with neighborhoodbased clinics for close-to-home health care , and their partnerships with communitybased organizations and corresponding outreach efforts to increase COVID-19 vaccinations in underserved populations .
SUPPORTING CLINICS , SUPPORTING THE COMMUNITY UC Davis Health collaborates with every Federally Qualified Health Center ( FQHC ) in the Greater Sacramento region to provide neighborhood-based care . UC Davis Health has formal contractual relationships with 26 FQHCs to provide a comprehensive mix of primary care , specialty care and behavioral health through in-person and telemedicine services .
“ We ’ re committed to meaningful partnerships that serve members of our community who are most greatly impacted by the social determinants of health and health care disparities ,” says Mike Condrin , chief operating officer of UC Davis Health ’ s Ambulatory Care division . One notable FQHC partner is the Sacramento County Primary Care Center , which serves lower-income , Medi-Cal and uninsured patients . UC Davis Health placed 12 full-time-equivalent UC Davis physicians and nurse practitioners and nearly 40 residents from internal medicine , family medicine , pediatrics and psychiatry at the Center . This influx of UC Davis Health staffing resulted in an increase of 500 percent in volume — from 8,000 annualized visits in fiscal year 2018 to 40,000 in fiscal year 2021 . Their growing team of specialists also covers women ’ s health , rheumatology , sports medicine , cardiology , nephrology and musculoskeletal disorders .
In addition to the county clinic , UC Davis Health also partners with nonprofit FQHCs to broaden access to quality health services , with a focus on continuity-ofcare for Medi-Cal and uninsured patients . For example , through a partnership with the Sacramento Native American Health Center , UC Davis Health ’ s Department of
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