Équipements récréatifs Catalogue - Joe Brown - Page 2

The Globe (m) (‘-‘‘) 4,4 x 4,4 x 3,8 14-4 x 14-4 x 12-4 EN 1176 (m) 7,5 x 7,5 ASTM/CSA(m) 8,0 x 8,0 ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 26-4 x 26-4 (m) (‘-‘‘) 1,59 5-2 5 Climbing in a three dimensional net increases the psychomotor skills and the three-dimensional spatial sense of children. The outer structure is made of wood, laminated timber to be precise. We use laminated timber also called glued wood, as it is especially durable and robust. It is fashioned from dried wood and set up with multiple layers minimizing fissures. The bearing capacity is strengthened through the fact that laminated timber is made from pre-sorted timber that is free from imperfections. For the production of laminated timber, only one type of wood is used – we use larch for our rope play units. These are then laminated in layers and in the uniform grain direction. Laminated timber is predominantly used in timber engineering, i.e. for high static loads. The Joe Brown Collection provides “natural” fun for kids! 2 Berliner Joe Brown Collection