Zoom Autism Magazine Issue12 - Page 6



The Wilson Family

Diary of a Mom ’ s Jess Wilson shares how life for her family isn ’ t always smooth , but as difficult as it can be to live through , it ’ s the hard stuff that teaches them about each other . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses
LETTER FROM THE EDITOR M agazine release week is always a crazy time in my household. My family has quickly learned that when ZOOM is coming out, Mommy is very stressed. Last issue, while knee-deep in publishing mode one night, I realized that I had forgotten to take anything out for dinner. Usually I would call my hubby and ask him to just pick up something on the way home, but he was away on a business trip. Thank goodness, I remembered that I had a few pizzas in the freezer just for these types of occasions. I called my sweet daughter into my office and begged her to do me a favor and put the pizza in the oven. My baby girl took one look at her pathetic mama and agreed to help me out. In fact, she not only agreed, she kissed me softly on the head and said, “It’s okay, Mama. You keep working. I got this.” I told you she was sweet. But wait. It gets better. About twenty minutes later, my awesome son w [Y[^HٙXB]HXHو]\H]^HۈH]B[XY]ۈ^H\ˈ8']8&\\'HH\Y [Z[[H\\Y H\YY 8'Hۛ[B۸&] [[HYYX] [\‘PU 'H[H[Y]^K][H܂Z[[H\\\YK\H]\BX][^H]\H]XHو^KH\YܞK܈HX[^Y\XHH\]B\[ܙYXH[[[و\ܝ []\]\\YHوH\[X]8%T Bԕ \ݙ\ܞH\X]H[Z[H]BX[Hو\XY\X^H[XYHH[Z[X\H[ۈ[Z[K\[ۈ\H[ܙYXB]]܈Z[H^[Y[H[\XXœYH[X\HوH[H\HH\\š\[Hو[[܋\Y[\[ZKBx&\^\Y[\ ]Z\\Z\[ۈو\JB]\ \XY\ˈ[HXYYۈ\ܝ\H[YHو\\YKHۙ]’\[HH\X\ۈX]\KۛH\H\ܝ\[Z[H[^H\][H\ܙX]YHۙ\[H]\K\[[\ܝ]H\X[[][]H\[ XXوH[ۈ[ܛHZ\ۂܝ\^KX^H[[YSRSK]\]H]X[H]H[H\\\BXˈH[YYH]8'[Z[x'HYX[[K[X H]\][[H]BX[[YHوH\YH\\ܝY] \[B[YK]\^XH][H[[Z^Y[XXYXNݙKH[Hو[\[[˜[\ܝ܈ۙH[\BH[[[H]\[\X\]X[]ܙX][[[\]HܚXH[\ۛY[ [Y\[HY\Y] ۙHوHXZ[[ܙYKB[\8)TԕBXZ[و[\[ۋ]]\X]]܋\\[[\][ۘ[XZ\YH[\\]\\\ۘ[\X]HۈH[\[ۂX^H[^\HXHܙX][\\H[^H]]\\X[[\[ۈ\[^\XHܙX][ˈ\HS\XB\H]\XY ]HH[H[[Y\XY[\B\X\[[Hۙ\[]Y[\]\ Bܝ\[^\H[YK[]\۸&][^\YHHH[YHXHZ]\][YHHXY[HXXۋB[KH\Yܚ\]Y[\[[[ H8'ظ'HHHXX\܈][HXHق]\H]^KX^H[H[^\HXHœ\[[\[][H[[]ٙ\[H\ܝ [[Y[X\]HX\›]X\[H[X؈\[^\\H[Z[YHۈ[Y[H\܈]X\X]HXHو^HB[[^[YK\ۈY[\‘Y]ܚX[\X܋TX\\ [\P]]\PXZ[ B^HY][H[Z[YHٝ[] ]\H[[][BH]]\HYX[H[\–H]]\HYX[H[\