Zoom Autism Magazine Issue12 - Page 38

Q & A “ In what ways does your family support you? ” “Love me and allow me to be myself is the best way to support me. My mom and sister love the person I am unconditionally. That has meant a lot in my life. Having friends allowed me to be unique, outgoing and caring. Being part of a sub-culture, Bronies allowed me to improve my social skills to the point where I am beyond amazed of how much better I have gotten dealing with people of all walks. I’m not afraid or shy of our diverse society. I am confident, happy, and my existence is fulfill- ing. Currently, I’m learning fashion at Mesa Community College, where I am free to be creative and artistic while learning new skills. And the best part: I can work for myself and teach others within the autistic community. All of this is possible because my family and friends care and love me. Just as important is loving myself, as I love others, and my autism, for it is who I am, an identity where I am just free to be creative, unique and myself. I don’t let limitations and autism define the person I am.” - Amanda F. “My family supports me by having me interact with other autistic people at the Coffee House and learning to write and act at the theater horizon.” - Adam K. “My mom might be autistic too, and she