Zoom Autism Magazine Issue12 - Page 24

Robbie Lerubino “One Single Moment” shows a dandelion. It can symbolize inclusion when the seeds blow away and spread out. About the Artist I was born in Maryland, USA and lived there until 2005, when my family moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia. I stayed in Pennsylvania until 2012 and then moved to Vienna, Austria. I am currently a 12th grade student at the Danube International School Vienna (DISV). As an artist, I have always liked creating different types of artistic designs. When I was younger, I especially liked to create my own personal versions of album covers, stage layouts for concerts and logos for movie production companies. In 10th grade, I started to become interested in different forms of art during my classes; I was really drawn to street art and cubism. All types of media, including television, movies, logos, and music inspire me. I also enjoy traveling and exploring different cities and countries, their architecture and landscapes. I am autistic. Throughout my entire life, I have faced many chal- lenges that “typical” kids don’t. As a child, it took me a long time to speak, and communication is still sometimes difficult for me. Because of my Autism, I may struggle with talking with people, expressing my feelings or even finding the right words to say. But through my art, I feel free. I think Autism has given me a unique perspective, and I hope it comes through in my art. “The Inclusion Evolution” shows an eye in the middle of a kaleidoscope with a black and white bottom and a colorful top. The black and white is the feel- ing of exclusion, and the colorful portion symbolizes the feeling of inclusion. ARTIST SPOTLIGHT To learn more about Robbie and view his work (some of which is available to purchase), visit his website. “Multiverse” shows a collage of nine color- ful ‘nebulas.’ The one in the middle is big and white, and in this perspective, let’s say the middle is our universe, and it is surrounded or INCLUDED in the realms of the multiverse, which are the colorful nebulas. 24 ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses 25