Your Therapy Source Magazine for Pediatric Therapists March 2015 | Page 2

New and Sale Products Title: Spring Visual Perceptual Puzzles Download of 13 visual motor, visual spatial, visual closure and visual perceptual challenges with a Spring theme List Price: $2.99 Sale price until 3/31/15: $1.99 Find out more at: Occupational Therapy Reminders Reminders for Physical Therapy Summary: Therapists and teachers are super busy nowadays running from one classroom to the next. These reminders are perfect for handing to the teacher or parents to carry over simple suggestions until the next therapy session. Provide just one reminder at a time to encourage focus on one change at a time. Retail Price: $4.99 each Sale Price until 3/31/15: $2.50 each Find out more about Occupational Therapy Reminders here Find out more about Reminders for Physical Therapy here