Your Journey Through the Arts Dec 2019 - Page 6

A big part of my current job requires closing deals with external and internal stakeholders and nailing an important presentation helps with this. Most of the units in the MCMS course required major presentations – something as simple as presentation assessments also helped with working in teams and managing people, which is essential in my day-to-day work.” LAURA IREEN LIEW (Malaysia) Master of Communications and Media Studies (2016) Senior Professional in Product Marketing at Samsung Laura works in the Internet and Mobile division of Samsung Malaysia Electronics as part of the content marketing team, helping to make strategic partnerships, and manage key communications channels. GAINING A COMPETITIVE EDGE Thanks to the versatility of the arts and social sciences, graduates have a competitive edge in just about any industry. Driven, creative, and disciplined, they effortlessly translate the learnings of the classroom into professional settings, earning reputations for being analytical, persuasive thinkers at the forefront of innovation and disruption in their respective fields. The digital world [is] very results-oriented. It’s not really about how your clients feel about your writing. Now it’s about whether writing brings in ‘likes’, interactions, or ‘shares’. Because of this, you have to be able to figure out what’s working in the advertising environment right now. You need to do this in order to decide whether you should emulate it or do something new based on new research. The research skills I learned at Monash taught me how to approach a situation in a very different manner rather than [only] looking at things from a specific angle.” DIXON KHOO DI SHENG (Malaysia) Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences), Double Major in Communications and Psychology (2014) Creative Copywriter at Forefront International Dixon works as a creative writer for advertising and marketing agency Forefront International, and credits the research skills that have helped him develop a specialisation in digital communication to his time at Monash. Employers are looking for individual disruptors, who can adapt and deconstruct things to make them better, faster and more efficient. Monashians handle challenges with stride, and potential employers are cognizant of that. My time in Monash played an instrumental role in the most formative years of my life – it was a great learning experience that gave me time and clarity to carve out my future beyond the school. It also provided me the tools and capacities to grow into that future self that I strive to be.” TAY SIAO LIN (Malaysia) Honours Degree of Bachelor of Communication (2015) Bachelor of Communication (2014) HR Business Partner at British American Tobacco Siao Lin works for BAT in a dual function across both Malaysia and Singapore, helping to develop, grow, and upskill talent across all HR-related strategic and operational activities. She credits her time at SASS for helping her develop the grit she needed to excel at work. 5 A majority of my profession revolves around dealing with people. Meeting people at Monash from different backgrounds, who have different ideas and opinions, has been a practical benefit in my career. [In my work], exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives is an advantage, as well as the ability to think and work independently, and most importantly be self-driven and motivated.” NADIA DE SILVA (Sri Lanka) Bachelor of Communication (2012) Senior Account Executive at Ogilvy PR Nadia works with Ogilvy Public Relations in Sri Lanka, specialising in PR consultancy, media relations and crisis management. She credits her Monash degree for her well-rounded skillset and people skills.