Your Journey Through the Arts Dec 2019 - Page 5

Monash made me feel that my opinion matters, and that I can contribute in some way to society. The world views that I acquired from the Monash Bachelor of Arts inspired me to reflect on issues of gender discrimination, and encouraged me to give something back when I returned to my home country of Sri Lanka.” LIHINI RATWATTE (Sri Lanka) Bachelor of Arts (Global). Double Major in Communications and International Studies (2014) Project Officer – UN Women, Sri Lanka Through UN Women, Lihini works in partnership with the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs and other key public institutions to address the needs of women in Sri Lanka. She specifically works to support female heads of households, while also contributing to the country's peacebuilding agenda by engaging women in ongoing peace and reconciliation efforts. During my time at Monash, I developed the ability to recognise the strengths and nuances in different cultures and ideas, not only because of the academic content that I was exposed to but also because I got the opportunity to be a part of a diverse student cohort. ‘Critical thinking’ can be an overused term in the world of academia. My professors in Monash took the time to teach me how to think from a multidimensional perspective rather than assuming I already knew how to.” AMEER SOBHAN (Bangladesh) Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences), Majoring in International Studies (2014) Master of Science (MSc) in Global Governance and Diplomacy (2016), University of Oxford Programs and Partnerships Analyst at UNOPS Ameer works in the regional office of UNOPS in Bangkok. In his role as a member of the Regional Director's team, he furthers efforts to position UNOPS as a leading partner in infrastructure, program management, and other specialty areas. He is also deployed on missions to provide strategy development and communication support across Asia. INFLUENCING GLOBAL CHANGE The arts and social sciences leave students with more than just a certificate – they inspire an ethos of championing equality and justice that lasts a lifetime. Graduates translate their individual passion to make a difference into careers with governments and organisations all over the world, approaching complex issues with the versatility and solution-based thinking that inspires positive change. During my last semester at Monash, as I was preparing to complete my final courses, I was also actively applying for internships and jobs back in Nairobi. I thought it was far-fetched because there were so many other qualified people who could get them, but that didn’t stop me from applying, even with my one-page CV. As I was almost done with my final exams, I got my first interview invitation. Thanks to the skills gained in Monash, I was courageous enough to express myself well during the interview and a few days later I got an offer letter for my first real job.” SAIDA LULU (Kenya) Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Communications and International Studies (2011) Regional Institutional Partnership Development Advisor at SOS Children’s Village Saida is the Regional Institutional Partnership Development Advisor for Eastern and Southern Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She supports various countries in the portfolio in proposal development, grant acquisition, and fund management, and greatly enjoys seeing the social impact of her work for children in the region. Monash Malaysia helped shape me as an adult. It gave me what I needed the most:confidence and the belief that I was good enough to go out and take the world by storm, and that if I put my mind to it, all opportunities are accessible.” ABEER YUSUF (India) Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts (2011) Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in International Studies and Journalism (2010) Associate Producer at Roundhouse Radio Originally from India, Abeer is now an Associate Producer and Board Operator at a radio station in Canada. She works on an arts and culture show called Sense of Place, which looks at questions of identity, belonging, and creative serendipity in Vancouver. 4