Your Journey Through the Arts Dec 2019 - Page 4

TRAINING COSMOPOLITAN COMMUNICATORS In a globalising world, skilled communicators are in high demand. Arts and social sciences graduates are masters of cross-cultural communication, able to relay complex ideas to diverse audiences of people and build relationships that cross borders. These cosmopolitan professionals are able to deftly shape and influence public opinion, thriving in the rapidly shifting media landscape. Monash has equipped me with various soft skills, like communications, problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, and especially being culturally literate in a diverse and international setting. These are extremely valuable on top of the technical skills that are required in my job, as they help to foster a more productive, healthy and collaborative working environment.” ERNI (Indonesia) Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences, Double Major in Communications & Global Studies (2018) Data Processing Specialist at Nielsen Erni works in an international, client-driven environment at Nielsen, where she specialises in data processing, database creation, and identifying areas to improve and optimise. She credits her time at Monash for helping her develop the cross-cultural communication she needed to thrive on the job. In the five years since I left Monash, I’ve worked in PR firms based in Asia, Europe and the US and encountered diverse management styles and business cultures. I’ve built relationships with business and technology media sources including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Associated Press and WIRED, to name a few. The broad and well-rounded education I received at Monash allowed me to thrive in changing conditions.” BATS JAFFERJI (Indonesia) Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts (2012) Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Communications (2010) Senior Associate at Lewis PR Bats is a senior associate at a tech-focused PR firm, where she writes and manages press releases, messaging, and media liaison for international clients. She has worked across three continents, and credits Monash for her adaptability. I had several internships and work experiences throughout my time in Monash – ranging from internships at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Indonesia to working in Kuala Lumpur as a fashion and lifestyle contributor for Tongue in Chic, an online digital platform. These experiences were really crucial in developing my skills in the workplace. At work, I often [encountered] situations where I could refer to what I had learned at Monash – which was very useful and made me more confident in carrying myself within the industry and in work contexts.” CAMELIA HARAHAP (Indonesia) While I was doing the Sports Journalism unit at Monash, I was very lucky to receive media credentials for several sports events – and in the following year, I was offered jobs by the organising bodies behind these (IMG and AFC). Cross-cultural communication is something the School of Arts and Social Sciences emphasised a lot. Studying in a diverse environment has made me more culturally sensitive and open-minded towards new things. I learnt to see things from different perspectives.” CHONG AI RENE (Malaysia) Masters of Communications and Media Studies (2014) Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Communications and Journalism (2012) Contract Media Manager at IMG Ai Rene is a freelance media manager who has been working with IMG since 2012, coordinating media, PR, and social media strategy for high-profile sports events such as the WTA Shenzhen Open and the LPGA Thailand 2018. 3 Bachelor of Communication (2009) Program Manager at the British Council Camelia currently manages the British Council’s Arts and Creative Industries programs in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she focuses on establishing new connections and nurturing relationships between artists, practitioners, and stakeholders in the UK and Indonesian creative industries.