Your Guide to Newman | Page 13

g bjects 1 2 3 4 5 Think about the subjects that you enjoy the most or are interested in and pick those Try ranking all of your choices in order of preference, starting with the one you like the most all the way down to your least favourite, this will really help you to focus your choices and prioritise the subjects that you like Do not just pick subjects that your friends are doing, you may end up in different classes anyway, so will be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy without your friend for company! Don’t think of a career and then match the subjects to that career. Careers that sound fun or exciting may involve skills or subjects that you do not enjoy. Find a career that involves skills and subjects that you are good at and will enjoy doing, you will be more successful in life if you enjoy what you do! If you’re looking for inspiration for careers that involved your favourite subjects, check out our Careers on page xx.