Young Nurse Professionals

So You’re Young, a Nurse, and a Professional… Welcome! In this issue: Letter from the Editor Welcome YNP Happenings Meet-A-Member Dear Flo Letter from the Editor Welcome to the first edition of the PSNA Young Nurse Professionals newsletter! As a young nurse professional myself, I am excited at this opportunity for all of us across the state to connect. We hope that this newsletter will assist you in learning more about PSNA YNP members, opportunities for you to grow professionally and personally as a nurse, the YNP happenings around the state, and how you can get involved with us. Whether you went into nursing straight out of high school or came to nursing as a second degree, we all survived nursing school (if only barely), so let’s work together to navigate our newly chosen profession! Danielle Weaver, BSN, RN YNP Pittsburgh Welcome to nursing, voted the most trusted and ethical profession since 1999, according to the Gallup Poll. You join approximately 3.4 million other people in the United States who have chosen to devote their life to a career that provides stability, opportunity for advancement and movement, and the chance to help people during their times of greatest sorrow and happiness every day you go to work. New nurse professionals have a clear vision of their ideal work setting, community and future. New RNs also have a heavy work schedule, leaving them just a few hours of free time. The Young Nurse Professionals group is a simple solution to using your time to advance your career, build your network, and gain lifelong friends. Are you the traditional student that studied nursing straight out of high school? We saved you a seat! Are you an RN that chose nursing as a second career? This is the group for you too! New nurses can build a community of peers, discuss career-related concerns, provide insight into their specific needs, take on new roles as leaders, and make your communities a better place to live. Join the YNPs today! We’re excited to meet you! References: YNP on the Web! 390 Total number of YNP members already! Like our page! Tweet at us! @panurses Follow us! Check for upcoming events!