Young Nurse Professionals

The Day the Code Blue Was Called… In this issue: Letter from the Editor Thoughts from Harrisburg YNP Happenings Get Involved Letter from the Editor Hello, future nurse leaders! I was fortunate enough to attend the Code Blue rally held at the Capitol in Harrisburg earlier this month, and what an exciting event it was! As a YNP, it was so interesting to see how nursing and its issues fit into the legislative process (see Philly YNP Caroline’s thoughts on the day on this page)! Speaking of nurse leadership, PSNA also hosted its Star Leadership Conference in Gettysburg. Current and rising nurse leaders from across the state gathered together to learn about leadership, finance, and to begin working on research projects that they will present in November. It’s always exciting to see nurses in action, isn’t it? Danielle Weaver, BSN, RN Thoughts from Harrisburg Caroline Toomey BSN, RN YNP Philadelphia Do you think it's important for YNPs to learn more about the legislative process and why? I do think it is important for YNPs to learn more about the legislative process. By What made you decide to attend the doing so, new nurses can be informed Code Blue event as a YNP? about what could potentially impact the During my undergraduate career, I had the nursing profession. Also, YNPs can opportunity to travel to Washington, DC to learn about how to get involved in speak with my congressional representative advocating for various nursing issues. about a pertinent nursing bill. From this experience, I learned about the importance What do you think is the best way for of being an advocate for the nursing YNPs to start getting involved in the profession. I was interested in attending the legislative process? Code Blue event to learn more about how I think one of the best ways for YNPs to get nurses can get involved in the legislative involved in this process is attending a process. I also wanted to attend the event PSNA legislative day. One of the ways I to increase my knowledge about various was able to increase my knowledge about nursing issues. the legislative process at the event was What was the most surprising part of through networking and learning from the process that you didn't know before nurses who have years of experience in the you attended? profession. After attending the event, I was able to not only learn about the process it takes to develop a bill, but also about the strategies to help get a bill passed. I was most surprised about the various strategies nurses can use to have their voices heard, such as speaking at the Rotunda in Harrisburg. Like our page! What did you take away from the day that has stayed with you? After attending the Code Blue event, I realized the important role nurses can have in sharing their knowledge and expertise with legislators when bills are being discussed at both the state and national level. Tweet at us! @panurses Follow us!